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Swainsona formosa


By Meanie

Swainsona formosa (Swainsona formosa)

Taken the day before it bloomed.

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Similar leaves and flower shape to my Clianthus.

9 Sep, 2017


Incredible symmetry! Isn't it elegant! I love it!

9 Sep, 2017


It's growing indoors. I thought it was growing outside in the ground. I think it grows better outdoors in the ground.
It needs a lot of full sun grow best.

9 Sep, 2017


Thorneyside - it used to be Clianthus formosus before the taxonomists reclassified it.

Karen - unusually for something that is rare it is close to perfect aesthetically. I guess that it is rare because of its fussiness.

Delonix - it is the only way. They need daytime heat more than full sun (a bright spot is more than good enough) and it has been rather lacking in any warmth here this year.

15 Sep, 2017



I thought the name sounded different. I didn't realize the genus was reclassified. It seems to happen a lot these days.

I thought there were some really big heat waves in the UK this year. I read about one a few months ago that was really horrible. It reminded me of the ones we get here in the summer. Although, the heat wave we had a few weeks ago here was so horrible, San Diego recorded the hottest temps between midnight and 5:00 ever!

15 Sep, 2017


If you call a handful of days in the upper twenties a heatwave then we've been living it up this summer! Most of the time it has been high teens/low twenties.

15 Sep, 2017


Wow! I heard it was in the upper 30's and low 40's C. there at at the same time were having the same temps back in late June. Several people on GoY said they had damage to several plants because of that really bad heat wave there. I'm guessing it maybe didn't affect you?

On my last comment I forgot to put a.m. after the 5. lol!

15 Sep, 2017


It was on mainland Europe but nothing like that in the UK. Heathrow airport hit about 35°c which was the UK high this year to the best of my knowledge.

16 Sep, 2017


Ok, well, 35°c isn't too hard to take not unless it's at midnight and to 5:00 a.m. like it was here a few weeks ago (which was the hottest early morning temps ever recorded in San Diego).

18 Sep, 2017


35°c would be welcome at any time of the day as far as I'm concerned. I've forgotten what warmth feels like!

18 Sep, 2017


Believe me, you would not want to feel that type of heat at that time of the morning.

My ac couldn't cool the house down enough. It was humid, also. Horrible!

Meanie, you need to move to a warmer climate. :>))

20 Sep, 2017


Just a couple of years left Delonix!

21 Sep, 2017


...and you're going to move to a warmer climate?

21 Sep, 2017


Oooooooh yes!

22 Sep, 2017


Are you really?

24 Sep, 2017


Too right DD!

24 Sep, 2017


Good luck, I can't say I blame you!

25 Sep, 2017



Canary Islands here Meanie comes! lol! It's nice to live in a warm climate, especially as one gets older.

29 Sep, 2017

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This photo is of species Swainsona formosa.

This photo is of "Swainsona formosa" in Meanie's garden

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