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Mango Finish line.


By Stan510

Mango Finish line. (Mangifera indica (Mango))

There it is,sweet juicy and home grown. Whew- I thought I would never get there.

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lol you ve got it at last then Stan its a good size look s delicious.

28 Sep, 2017


The best is yet to come - wold love a bite please!

28 Sep, 2017


I took a deep breath,hesitated, as I cut into it. The idea that after all this- it would be sour or stringy hung over my head. I cut,sliced and took a bite. Sweet,not fiberish. A good fresh and chilled Mango.
4 more are on the little tree.
Now the usual every year worry about winter...
You can never let up growing Mango tree's here!

29 Sep, 2017


Thats great it was ripe and sweet for you Stan . Let hope the winter are mild for your mango.

30 Sep, 2017


Thanks Penny. I like the good positive vibes you have.
I worry about everything!

30 Sep, 2017


It looks so yummy! I'm sure your tree will grow well from it's a good size tree now.

1 Oct, 2017


Thanks Andy. It took awhile to get full sized fruit since it went into the ground in 2012. I have a wire cage around it..and I don't think I will ever move that. Keeps the above ground gnawer's away.

1 Oct, 2017


No good worrying Stan ww can only do our best mother nature is stronger than us.

2 Oct, 2017



Your mango tree is right on time for fruit production. The commercial mango trees don't start producing until 3 to 5 years old...then 6 - 8 years is the full production.

It's amazing it produced so well during wet conditions. Typically, during wet years mango fruit production is low.

2 Oct, 2017


I was thinking when looking at a garden in Veracruz..the coconut wont grow here,the Croton wont grow here...but the Mango and Ti will.
Plants that are from the tropics can have a surprisingly high chill tolerance..and the other plants has none. I'm not sure why some do,some dont. Then you have easy in a pot...rot in the ground like Plumerias.
I was doing some pruning today of the Sapote tree. I should take "Above" on the ladder photos of the Mango. You can almost see the heat radiating off the roof. Early this year,not a huge year with hardened grow going over it- thats going to really help me. I really can't wait until its first flush next late spring/early summer.
They can though flower in February even in the bay area.

2 Oct, 2017


It has a lot to do with duration of cold, also. Some plants, trees will tolerate some light chilling; however, many hours of chilling can damage or kill them.

I've always known mango trees were pretty tough. I had seen several growing in the SF Bay Area in the past. I also had the Manila mango in Mission San Jose, which went through the cold weather of December of 1998. It grow much larger afterwards. I can only imagine how large it would be if it were still alive. It would be 21 years old now. Most likely in the that climate it would be at least 20 ft tall or possibly a lot taller. It had good fruit. It was still a young tree, though.

Here in San Diego, the earliest I've seen the mango trees flower is during the second week in January. They usually set fruit, also. Typically February is the time they flower most years, though. This year they flowered later because of the wet winter weather. They usually have the second flowering in May or June. Last year was the first time I saw many of the mango trees here flower several times. It was so awesome to see so many different fruit sets. I don't think I've ever seen that many fruit sets in the tropics. Of course, that was really unusual for San Diego.

3 Oct, 2017


Oh yummy!!

5 Oct, 2017


It was a great September. We finished 81F for highs and 62F lows. That's compared to 76 and 55 historical.
The lows outdid anything I thought possible for the bay area. Moderation is to the point 2-3 f from ordinary for a month once seemed extreme.
October has been nice..but the temps have dipped.

5 Oct, 2017


Temperatures have also dropped, Stan. And it's more like early November rather than October. The hedgerows are full of berries as are many of the trees. If the folklore is right, we're in for a bad winter.

6 Oct, 2017


I haven't heard of any thing predicted for Europe,Waddy. Although European models sure got the American hurricanes right.
Here,they are saying a tossup with an average winter slightly favored.
Its interesting that every month for the last year here, has been above average EXCEPT for the deep winter of Dec-Jan. How can 10 months be Septembers extreme warm...and those two months hold solid with near perfect averages that ignore global and urban warming?

6 Oct, 2017


Beats me Stan. I often think they stick a pin into a group of forecasts and tell us that ha, ha!

7 Oct, 2017



Sept was really nice here in San Diego; however, not as hot as it can be this time of year. It's hot now...almost 100ºF (38ºC) for many areas yesterday and today. It's going to cool off a bit tomorrow, though.

I know the SF Bay Area has been really warm this past year. It's good considering all the rain from last winter and spring. It gets all those plants growing very well.

7 Oct, 2017


Waddy- I know! My wife just says "Its weather,it changes,what can you do?".

Andy- Its been a warm days in October here..but nights tailed of by 10f. No more lows in the 60's until June.

7 Oct, 2017


LOL! That's very true, though. :>))

7 Oct, 2017


Ha, ha!! your wife is sooooo right Stan!

8 Oct, 2017



The lows here are still in the low-to-mid-60's. That'll probably change soon.

9 Oct, 2017

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