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dark in the valley and bright on the hill...


By Lori

dark in the valley and bright on the hill...

autumn colours are brilliant today..they will be done soon enough.

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Great capture Lori

10 Oct, 2017


Thanks 3d. :-)

10 Oct, 2017


☺ your welcome Lori you have lovely picturesque surroundings around you while all ours is being built on .

10 Oct, 2017


Maybe it's time for the next wave from England ... ? we could start a "new" new England here in the Outouais. ;-) I have to admit I sometimes muse about seeing the old country. My great grandfather came from the south east..he was on the canals and left 'ome for the promise of land to farm and woods to hunt in... in the mid 1800's.
We have the same problem with urban sprawl on areas that are excellent farm land.. it's disappearing under concrete, especially in the area around Toronto. A lot of Southern Ontario, in a ring around the American border is over populated.

11 Oct, 2017


How wonderful your great grandfather came from the south east was that London ? Theres many of old canal footage on you tube where they worked on the boats they now call them water gypsys.

The British were asked recently because of Britex if they could have a dual passport which other country would they choose Germany and Australia came out tops so I doubt if many would move out there nor the USA to live like years ago. I know a British man on a history site who lives in Ontario another Brutish man in Toronto the one in Ontario has tried for years to get back here to England comes from where I live even our government refuses to help him .

Same here building on farm land I would like to know if they continue where will all our food come from with an ever increasing population. It also causes floods and bad weather especially high rise.

11 Oct, 2017


My Great-Grands were from Lewes, East Sussex.
I admit I don't know a lot about Brexit, but it never made sense to me that Britain wanted to trade with Europe when Canada, Australia and India were growing economies and would have benefitted from her help. Being between the U.S. of A. and Russia..(geographically) is not an enviable spot but at least our politics isn't rightwing.

12 Oct, 2017


Yes East Sussex is nice there Lori my mum and dad took us on holiday there when I was a young teenager and we were taken inside Arundel csstle there eas a tiny neckless which was worn by the smallest neck by a queen can not recall which one though.

12 Oct, 2017

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