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Fog rolls off the hills into the valleys.


By Lori

Fog rolls off the hills into the valleys.

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Very scottish weather Lori!

12 Jan, 2018


Alas! it's not Canadian weather, though Karen. It is following the last winter's pattern though. I hope we have more snow before the deep freeze...that will help protect my poor perennials from the freeze/thaw problem.

12 Jan, 2018 would be bad if all that meltwater freezes.

12 Jan, 2018



13 Jan, 2018


about mid afternoon the cold returned and last night it was minus 20 with windchill it felt like minus 35. The high pressure returned with very strong winds after the sleet and snow. Now it's bitterly cold and all the flooding has frozen solid. groan...

13 Jan, 2018


Blimey Lori. I hope you have plenty firewood! I cannot even imagine what that cold feels like. How on earth do the little birds survive!

13 Jan, 2018


It is a source of wonder to me too, Karen. Tiny little bits of feathers in the icy blast..and they chirp and flip and forage like it's just another day. I put out a source of fat for them... suet or a suet block and dried fruit and oily seed. it's in changeable weather they need it most...Imagine going from plus 9 in the morning to minus 25 by afternoon? I do what I can for them... The turkeys are looking a little depressed too.
We've almost used up all the fuel I put in the shed last summer/autumn. I made a trip up the hill to look at the woodpiles in the bush... need a sledge to bring the wood to the house.

15 Jan, 2018


Whoa....that does look cold Lori. Did you manage to get a sledge for the wood? Will it be okay, or too wet? Hope your coping really are in the elements there..

18 Jan, 2018


Lobely photo Lori capture the fog we had freezing fog last night bitterly cold here hoidness knows how you cope out there.

22 Jan, 2018


Janey:I'll have to look for some old wooden skis at the local yardsale/swapshop... instead I've been using a large tarp. For the time being, it works.
3d: I'll have to shut up about the weather... you would not believe what's going on now... freezing rain...and more snow...then rain again! Minus teens tonight. >.<

23 Jan, 2018


lol yes you had better looking on the news this morning I heard Alaska has had a 8.2 earth quake and a Tsnarmi warning which is affecting right down to the Hulf of Mexico even also affecting California then finding a you tube channel in the USA after there was an earth quake the day prior in Kansas and around the world 19 volcanoes have gone off. Nostradarmas predicted this year the west or east coast (can't recall which) of America will disappear and mount Vesuvius will errupt. So I think this weather is to do with this .

23 Jan, 2018


There's a reason they call California "Shake'n'Bake"!
Dear old Nostradamus... are you a fan of Al Stewart, 3d?...
"Man..Man..your time is sand, Your ways are leaves upon the sea... I am the eyes of Nostradamus~ all your ways are known to me!"

26 Jan, 2018


I ve never heard of Al Stewart I shall have to look him up thank you Lori.

26 Jan, 2018


Al Stewart is a Scot... he was most popular back in the 70s. To me, his songs are classics. They are melodic and beautiful instrumentalized...and his voice is wonderful. Do you remember "The Year of the Cat"?

1 Feb, 2018

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