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Ragtime Amaryllis


By Wells

Ragtime Amaryllis

Amaryllis Ragtime Raggy looking center filled petals Slightly more orange than the brilliant reds.

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This is very striking Posy...lovely!

10 Feb, 2018


This is a variety I hadn't seen before, Posy, but I think it's lovely!

11 Feb, 2018


I should have some starting to grow & then flower as the ones in my son's shed are now beginning to show signs of life! He sent me a few photos of them today. I shall have to go around to his place & pick them up. Fortunately he lives no more than about 10 minutes from us. ??

18 Feb, 2018


think I have one more bud Red Wine. Ragtime was a good one,even though the first stems were over-watered by me.
Ambiance and Temptation my favorites, of course, Al Fresco.

19 Feb, 2018


I discovered 2 bulbs on our kitchen windowsill are now showing signs of life! On one a leaf is beginning to grow but the 2nd has a nice fat bud just peeking out of the neck of the bulb! My first of 2018!

22 Feb, 2018


Yea...My bud looks big and fat. People don't get the fact, water sparingly, I am just amazed at people's perception of damp!

25 Feb, 2018


Lol! That's the key to starting them off! People don't seem to realize that the bulb has to grow new roots in order to absorb nutrients & water but that doesn't happen overnight - for as fast as the bulbs grow & flower!

Today I brought home a few bags of bulbs from my son's shed. A few of the bulbs have started to show signs of life but the majority are still hibernating.

I'm a little worried about the VERY LOW temps forecast for the next few weeks & how that might impact on my bulbs. The pots are all as dry as a desert but the bulbs themselves are plump. Though I will find out tomorrow if there are any casualties amongst those I've brought home.

All the bags of bulbs that are still in my son's shed I'm afraid will have to take their chances - I just simply do not have space sufficient in the flat for so many dozens of pots (reason why they are there in the first place!)

25 Feb, 2018


love to hear all the Amaryllis news,Balcony. Posy is my nickname, and everyone uses it. I have one shoot coming up and another maybe baby. I have saved the names tis time, and probably will try new ones next year. Wow! you have had a bunch of snow???

5 Mar, 2018


Here where we live it hasn't been too bad as regards to the snow, we had only 4-5 cm but other places had it very bad indeed! The wind was the main factor, very strong & extremely cold! We got as low as -6C on 1st March - in the evening, not during the night when it rose to -5C!

We haven't had such cold weather since 2010!

Now it's just a very bad dream as people try to pick up the pieces & get their lives back on track again. The temps have risen to +8C today & may rise to +10 tomorrow. Next Sunday we may reach the "dizzying" heights of 12C!

In the extreme North/North West of Scotland they haven't finished with the snow & ice just yet as it's forecast to continue a few more days.

Perhaps I do a blog & put some of the photos I took from the flat & balcony covered in snow.

5 Mar, 2018

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