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Carica papaya 'Red Caribbean' Fruit

Carica papaya 'Red Caribbean' Fruit (Carica papaya 'Red Caribbean')

My Red Caribbean papaya fruit is ripening. I've already picked some. The fruit is really sweet, just like candy. Photo taken on March 1, 2018.

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5 Mar, 2018


It will be soon. lol! I just picked the two largest papayas yesterday.

5 Mar, 2018


Wow they are huge hope you enjoyed them.

5 Mar, 2018



It'll be 3 to 5 days before they're ripe enough to eat.

6 Mar, 2018


Thats one way of rationing you ha ha lol
you can pick one a day then.

6 Mar, 2018


Well, unfortunately it doesn't ripen like that. lol!

Hopefully, I'll get much more fruit this coming summer!

6 Mar, 2018


So you will have to wait longer then . I am sure it will give more fruit later Andy you have the weather for it out there.

7 Mar, 2018


Yes, a little more of a wait. lol!

I just ate the Thai Dwarf papaya I picked last week. It so incredibly sweet and super juicy. It was probably the best Thai Dwarf papaya I've ever eaten.

It will produce more fruit this coming spring or summer. It just depends on weather and time the flowers are produced when the fruit will ripen. The fruit takes 3 - 6 months to ripen (depending on variety). In the tropics it usually takes 2 1/2 to 5 months to ripen.

8 Mar, 2018


Wow a long time to ripen then lol I am sure your trying to make me jealous being the best so incredibly sweet and super juicy.?

9 Mar, 2018


Yes, it's a long-time ripening, like: avocados, mangoes, bananas, oranges, lychee, tangerines and most citrus. Tropical and subtropical fruits mostly grow in those climates so they can take a long time ripen. Stone fruits (peaches, cherries, plums, walnuts) grow in colder climates so they don't have a long growing season to ripen their fruit before they go dormant.

Yes, home-grown mangoes, papayas, guavas, cherimoya, antemoya, avocaodos, citrus and wax apples are the best! Yummy! :>))

10 Mar, 2018


Ahrr so the ones for cold climates ripen quicker while the ones in warmer climates take longer I find that interesting.

What are wax apples I ve have never heard of those.

10 Mar, 2018


Yes, you have to remember in colder climates the growing season is much shorter than the all-year-around growing-season in tropical and subtropical climates.

Wax Apple (Syzygium samarangense) is a small tree native to Malaysia, Indonesia. It looks like a small apple (however, it's not related at all). It's a really sweet, refreshing fruit. I've posted pics on GoY in the past of this tree growing here in San Diego.

11 Mar, 2018


Yes of course climates and growing are shorter.

Thank you Andy I shall take a look on the net.

12 Mar, 2018


If you really want a fruit that takes a long time to ripen, try Mamey Sapote (Pouteria sapota) or Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus). LOL! Mamey Sapote takes almost two years to ripen (there can be more than one crop at a time on the tree) and Jackfruit takes 8 to 10 months to ripen. Both are very tropical. They grow here; however, are not too common.

13 Mar, 2018


Hahaha No chance it would be years for them to ripen here we dont have the weather nor sun long enough.

13 Mar, 2018


I was just being funny. :>))

Mamey Sapote is becoming more sought after here in Southern California (it's an extremely ornamental tree). It'll only grow into a small tree (15' or 4.6 m or so) here in San Diego. In the deep tropics it's a massive tree. Jackfruit is more widely grown here. It's a giant tree in the tropics, also. Here in San Diego, most likely 25 - 30' (7.6 - 10 m) would be the max height.

Here's a photo of Mamey Sapote at San Diego Botanical Gardens:

13 Mar, 2018


15' small that would be a bigish tree to me
It must taste good to become so popular. Thanks for the link I shall take a look.

16 Mar, 2018


Mamey Sapote is also called pumpkin pie tree, because the fruit taste like pumpkin pie.

16 Mar, 2018


I would pass on that one then yuk lol

18 Mar, 2018


You don't like pumpkin pie? lol!

I love pumpkin pie! Yummy! :>))

18 Mar, 2018


Nope don't like pumpkin at all.
You would nt get any pumpkin pie at my house unless you made it your self I bet you feel lucky now having the wife you have ?

19 Mar, 2018


LOL! :>)) There's always apple pie which is my favorite.

19 Mar, 2018


I love Apple crumble best my mum always made lovely apple pies I make apple and blackberry no pies as pastry no longer agrees with me . I also do peach or pineapple sponge put peaches or pineapples in the bottom of a Pyrex dish add a bit of juice add cake mix.

24 Mar, 2018


Sounds very yummy! I'll have to try to make one of those cakes.

25 Mar, 2018


I am sure you ll love it Andy mmmm lol

25 Mar, 2018


I'm sure I will. :>))

26 Mar, 2018



26 Mar, 2018

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