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Plumeria 'Hilo Beauty' Flower Spike

Plumeria 'Hilo Beauty' Flower Spike (Plumeria 'Hilo Beauty')

My Hilo Beauty Plumeria starting spiking the ending of December. It usually doesn't flower until summer because this one needs a tremendous amount of heat. I guess all the hot weather most of this winter has initiated the flower spike. Photo taken March 2, 2018.

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Do you think it will flower early .

5 Mar, 2018


Yes, it will definitely flower early. :>))

A lot of my other Plumerias have a lot of flower spikes, also.

6 Mar, 2018


Thats great Andy it mst be the right westher for them then.

6 Mar, 2018


Yes, this whole winter has been warm to very hot. We just finished two weeks of cooler than normal temps, though. It's back to 70 to 80ºF (21 to 27ºC) weather now. Yay! We still need a lot of rain to get to normal rainfall, though.

6 Mar, 2018


Your lucky to have such warmth it been freezing here but now its turned to all rain.

7 Mar, 2018


We need your rain! lol! It's been dry, though. That's the big issue with the weather here. We need tons of rain. We may get some rain this coming weekend and in the middle of next week. Hopefully, it happens.

10 Mar, 2018


We could do with some of your sun and warmth here . Yes it makes you wonder how some of your plants over there survive with such little rain...I hope you do get some rain there Andy.

10 Mar, 2018


It's been raining very lightly all, it's night and it's raining a little harder. Yay!

It has been very warm this last week.

Many plants that need a lot of water don't grow well here.

11 Mar, 2018


Thats great Andy your plants will love that rain . No I would nt of thought tgey would grow well if you dont get a lot of rain which is a shame. Its raining cats and dogs here.

12 Mar, 2018


Yes, the plants are loving the rain! It's going to rain a little tonight then a much larger storm will be coming in on Thursday through Sunday.

13 Mar, 2018


You ll have to get your water butts ready Andy.?

13 Mar, 2018


We don't have water butts here. I know in the UK there's many. I've seen them on the internet. lol! Everybody really should have several here in this horribly dry climate.

13 Mar, 2018


What do you use to collect rain water in then. Yes lots of allotments have water butts I had a tank on my allotment when I had 2 plots but have a water butt in my harden behind my front fence by the gate which the police said when searching my garden for a young man they were after they love my deterrent for any one that tries climbing over.

16 Mar, 2018


I use 45 gallon trash cans. lol!

16 Mar, 2018


If they work why not do they look like our wheelie bins ww use for rubbish.

18 Mar, 2018


I wish I had an extra wheelie bin given by the city for rubbish. They are expensive and only given by the city, though.

18 Mar, 2018


Here we can ask for more if we need them for free well I suppose we pay through our council tax some how in fact we had loads go missing they found them all abroard. One was found in Bulgaria.

19 Mar, 2018


Wow! That's really crazy!

19 Mar, 2018


Lol like every thing else here we are just being taken for a ride. So if your short of any thing for free Andy you know where to come at the expense of the working British tax payer. Our government put an immigrant lady in charge of charity money for here she sent hundreds of thousands of it into a bank account in her country never to be retrieved back.

24 Mar, 2018

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