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Physalis peruviana - Goldenberry

Physalis peruviana - Goldenberry  (Physalis peruviana - Goldenberry)

This plant has been growing very fast through winter. It's already a little more than 4 ft (1.3 m) tall. I just planted it into the ground. I think it'll grow very tall, the women I purchased this plant from had plants more than 10' (3 m) tall. Photo taken March 4, 2018.

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Can you eat the fruits Andy looks healthy.

5 Mar, 2018


Like a tomatillo?

6 Mar, 2018


Yes, the fruit is edible. It's one of the super fruits that have a tremendous amount of anti-oxidants.

I've read its been grown in the UK as an annual crop since the 1770's.

6 Mar, 2018



It's related to the tomatillo.

6 Mar, 2018


Thank you Andy for letting me know it can be grown here also its edible .

6 Mar, 2018


You're welcome. :>))

I think it doesn't grow as large there as here, though. I've read it grows only to 3' (1 m) tall there. I believe it's because it's a annual there.

6 Mar, 2018


3ft is fine for me as I would just about reach ahrr so they are annual here then I shall look out for one thank you.

7 Mar, 2018


I'm going to let mine grow maybe to 7' (2.2 m) tall. I can't wait until it starts fruiting. :>))

10 Mar, 2018


I bet you cant you can tease me with them then. I am suprised all this fruit you grow and eat your not huge with the fructose thatsin fruits.

10 Mar, 2018


I've never eaten a goldenberry. I hope I like it! lol!

Well, I probably am loaded with fructose! lol! :>))
I guess that's what makes me sweet! LOL!

11 Mar, 2018


Here that would be a gooseberry but sweeter.

Lol so you need to be sweetened up then tut tut ha ha.

12 Mar, 2018


I saw this video. It's pretty funny. I think if you let the fruit ripen on the shrub it's much sweeter.

13 Mar, 2018


Yes I ll have to try that with my apple tree see if it works that if I ever get any apples only bought it last year.

13 Mar, 2018


Yes, most fruit sold in stores are picked well before they're ripe. This is why I complain so much about produce in the stores. lol! I allow all my fruit, vegetable to ripen before I pick them. They're so, so much better. :>))

13 Mar, 2018


I dont blame you there is nothing better than freshly picked of your own . Your lucky to be able to grow so many fruit varieties.

16 Mar, 2018


Yes, I am. :>)) We have a 365/day-a-year growing season here in San Diego.

18 Mar, 2018


Tut braging again lol

18 Mar, 2018


Yes, as usual! lol! We're so lucky to have an all year around growing season. Most summer crops won't grow in winter, though. They need long days and warmer nights to produce grow well. Tomatoes, lettuce, broccoli, carrots, and so much more will grow during winter.

18 Mar, 2018


Yes you are lucky. Strange as Tomatoes Lettuce grow in summer here I use to put my carrots in spring

19 Mar, 2018


Tomatoes can grow year around here. The vines can last two or three years here. I have one outside still giving tomatoes from last summer.

20 Mar, 2018


Wow how lucky you are .

24 Mar, 2018


Yes, tomatoes are commercially grown in San Diego County during winter.

26 Mar, 2018


Are they grown out doors or under glass.

27 Mar, 2018


They're grown in pretty large acreage outdoors. They're also grown in the Coachella and Imperial Valleys of California during winter, which is the only time they can grow tomatoes. Those valleys are located in the low desert which are way too hot to grow tomatoes during summer.

27 Mar, 2018


You would think they would grow plants there that needed that kind of heat. Are all your seeds GM to as my grandson saod all seeds are GM now but here we do have a garden centre at Ryton in Coventry that do all the very old seeds but you have to pay to be a member to buy the seeds.

28 Mar, 2018


No, most are not GMO seed. Many people here are very anti GMO products here in San Diego.

The Coachella and Imperial Valleys are the most import agricultural areas in the U.S. During summer Dates, citrus, mangoes, and sugar are grown there (among many other crops). During winter many summer-crops grown in most of the U.S. is grown there in winter. I hope this makes sense. lol!

29 Mar, 2018


I cant say I blame them Andy me to I know all your corn and corn oil is GM .

Yes I understand what you mean a lot of varieties grown there then.

29 Mar, 2018


I know it's too bad so many foods are GMO.

I'm glad you understood my comment. :>))

30 Mar, 2018


Yes I understood what you meant. Yes I know here some people have gone and destroyed GM crops when they have found out where they were growing them.

30 Mar, 2018

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