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Mango Flowering (Mangifera indica)

Mango Flowering  (Mangifera indica) (Mangifera indica (Mango))

This is one of the many mango trees I see driving to work. I remember when this tree was pretty small about 8 years ago. It's most likely around 25' (7. 6 m) tall now. Photo taken March 12, 2018. The tree to the right is a tropical guava (Psidium guajava)

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Wow thats huge Andy lots of fruits to come then with all those flowrrs.

16 Mar, 2018


Actually, for a mango tree, it's really small. lol!
Mango trees grow into gigantic trees (more than 100' or 38 m tall) in the tropics. Here in San Diego they usually top out at 30 - 40 ft (10 - 12 m) tall. Although, most people like to keep them small to access the fruit. Dwarf varieties (or condo varieties) are extremely popular these days, especially in small gardens.

16 Mar, 2018


They can never get too big here farther north. At best it gets a little tall and I need a ladder,but never too many to eat and if that day ever happens? Phfffffft! Many are happy to take the rest we giveaway.
It was like that with my Avocado tree of 20 years ago. We gave brown paper bags of it away. Its going to take a few years for my new one to get there. One day.

16 Mar, 2018


I have a feeling in a few years your mango tree will be producing like crazy! :>))

I discovered another mango tee bigger than this one in the photo today. It's not too far from where I work. I'll have to get some pics soon. It was flowering. This is how and why I'm discovering all these mango trees now. lol!

I was actually shocked to notice this mango sapling (which was planted last year in a little mango grove, which I see on my way to work) flowering! It's probably 8' or slightly taller and was just planted last summer as ~ 5 ft sapling.

17 Mar, 2018


I was just going to ask how they get the fruit off such a big tree if this one is small yes I can why dwarf are becoming popular

17 Mar, 2018


People usually use a ladder and or a pole picker. This tree isn't too tall so it shouldn't be too difficult. If the tree is in the 30- 40 ft (9 - 12 m) range than it's more difficult, of course. :>))

18 Mar, 2018


They would need scaffolding for the bigger trees then lol

19 Mar, 2018


There's actually extendable pole-pickers for sale.

This is how it's done.

19 Mar, 2018


Thanks Andy for the link interesting.

24 Mar, 2018


You're welcome.

26 Mar, 2018


27 Mar, 2018


WARM finally,here. Now the growing season for the tropicals has begun. Longer days,warm..I'm repotting up some plants and soon,put others in ground.
omg,the weeds. Always with them!

29 Mar, 2018


It saw it was in the upper 70's there, yesterday. That's perfect weather! It's the same here. Today, low 80's and tomorrow mid-80's. It's great spring weather!

29 Mar, 2018


I saw a Florida woman on YouTube Andy,say "Mango flowers are damaged at 42f". Not true. Mine are fine and they took 33f and a 34f. They've continued to enlarge.

1 Apr, 2018


I think mango flowers and trees are much hardier than originally thought. It's true they won't take a lot of sub-freezing temps. However, they do come back back quickly, when established and a little larger. In fact, I've read that a cold spell will actually initiate flowering in mango and lychee trees.

2 Apr, 2018


Its been a cool April averaging 65f. Yet...the panicles are still enlarging in also lots of cloudy weather.

We've had so much rain and with the mild temps? My old Yucca gigantia looks "Florida" like, its leaves have turned a darker shade of green. Don't see that the rest of the year once our endless sunny summers get going.

7 Apr, 2018


It's been cooler than normal here, too. Although, we haven't had any rain. :>((

I wouldn't think Yucca gigantea would look better in Florida than in California. lol!

I think it's going to be another interesting weather year here in California. I just hope it's not too hot! Tomorrow it's may be in the upper 80's and low 90's here.

8 Apr, 2018


75 for Monday....and then back to some rains later in the week.
The other night? We had the second most rain fall in 24 hours here in the bay area since 1849. It was like a wall of water around 4am.
As usual? It tapered off fast during the day. We seem to be like those Mexican climates where the rains fall in the evenings.
Haven't had a real daylight pouring rains this year. Rain,but slow wiper rains 90% of the daytime.

8 Apr, 2018


The last two days it's been in the mid-to-upper 90's here...except along the coast. Tomorrow it's suppose to cool down a rain here, though.

I did read about the record mom said it rained like crazy! We need that type of rain here in San Diego. San Diego's official rainfall for this season is still holding at 3.18 inches. It should be at 9 inches of rainfall.

11 Apr, 2018


We made it to about 10"...San Jose is at 9". The south bay has been hit by many rainy periods..only most were just garden waterings.

11 Apr, 2018


It's definitely going to be a dry year for California, again!!
Here in San Diego, it's a drought, again! I'm so tired of these horrible droughts!

12 Apr, 2018


Raining again right now. 11 pm. They say more rain in a few days,2 days cool..maybe more rain after that. One 70+ day in the next ten. My tropicals are like- "Last year we were summer like by now". What can I do?

12 Apr, 2018


I wish we had some rain here! It's so, so dry.

Tomorrow the temps will be in the 70's and 80's, possibly some low 90's by Saturday, then a cool down on Monday and Tuesday.

13 Apr, 2018

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