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Florida Silver Palm (Coccotrinax argentata) and Foxtail Palm (Wodyetia bifurcata)

Florida Silver Palm (Coccotrinax argentata) and Foxtail Palm  (Wodyetia bifurcata) (Florida Silver Palm (Coccotrinax argentata) and Foxtail Palm  (Wodyetia bifurcata))

These beautiful trees are at my friend's house a few miles from where I live in San Diego, CA. Photo taken March 25, 2018.

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What beauties is the Silver Palm hardy like the fan palm Andy.

30 Mar, 2018


Hardy like which fan palm? There's thousands of fan palm. :>))

This is a pretty tropical. It's native to South Florida and the Caribbean.

31 Mar, 2018


lol Trachycarpus Andy.

31 Mar, 2018


It's a pretty tropical palm native to South Florida and the Caribbean. Trachycarpus is among the world's hardiest of fan palms.

1 Apr, 2018


Thanks Andy would nt survive here then.

1 Apr, 2018


No, definitely not, unfortunately.

2 Apr, 2018


2 Apr, 2018


Epicures? Alright. He ever say why he stopped posting? Just got tired of it?
A couple of times I was ready to tell a board I'm going to quit. I never sent it because I know how I am..I stop or keep going by the day!..Cant plan it!

4 Apr, 2018


Are you asking if this is Epicures place? It isn't, it's MVM on GoY. I think that's his screen name.

I originally met him on GoY back in 2009 or 2010. We're pretty good friends, now. He has such an incredibly immaculate garden.

5 Apr, 2018


My gardens are very maculate..I'm getting better at it. Organizing isn't my strong point.
You mentioned Epicures Foxtail palm you posted last week and I thought this was it Andy.
Post more pics of his yard too!

5 Apr, 2018


I don't remember.

My neighbor RandallSD (on GoY) has a huge Foxtail palm in his front yard. He's three houses down from me. His Foxtail prodcues fruit. It flowers a lot, also.

I'll post more pics in the future of my friend's house. He has some very interesting plants. He had a beautiful tall, large Cassia javanica and he cut it down because it was causing too much litter for the neighbor. I'll post a pic of his Bauhinia grandidieri (Blue Bauhinia). It's a small tree with lots of blue flowers.

6 Apr, 2018


I think I have too many variegated plants..but I like that Manihot thats variegated. Have you seen much of them in San Diego? I know they do fine,never seen or heard of them being tried.
One more to try?

8 Apr, 2018


I rarely see the variegated tapioca tree here. I see the green one which is very easy to grow. I had a large one up in the SF Bay Area...and millions of seedlings. lol! I used to give them away all the time and the many seeds.

11 Apr, 2018

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This photo is of species Florida Silver Palm (Coccotrinax argentata) and Foxtail Palm (Wodyetia bifurcata).

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