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Spathodea campanulata 'Aurea' - African Tulip Tree Flowers

Spathodea campanulata 'Aurea'  - African Tulip Tree Flowers (Spathodea campanulata 'Aurea'  - African Tulip Tree)

My African Tulip tree has been flowering since last spring. This tree is very floriferous...blooming for years on end (which is not typical). Photo taken April 3, 2018.

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That's stunning it must love its conditions.

6 May, 2018


Thanks! This tree does love it location. It's in kind of a small, I can't allow it to grow too large. It's been cut back a lot lately. I'm going to cut it back and take cuttings.

7 May, 2018


Thats a shame you cant let it grow to big Andy but great it reacts good to being cut back and good your taking cuttings now remember if you go to give a cutting away make sure you keep the best one this time lol.

7 May, 2018


It's about 10' (3 m) tall. It can grow just a little larger in this tight spot.

It grows easily from seed; however, it blooms much faster from cuttings.

8 May, 2018


That to me would be big in my garden . So its best to have cuttings for a quicker bloom its good though to know its easy from seed as quite a few people prefer to grow from seed.

8 May, 2018


This tree can grow very tall. Here in San Diego it can grow to at least 50' (15 m) tall (most are kept about half that size, though). With most plants cuttings will bloom or produce fruit much faster than seedling trees. This is why I love cuttings! :>))

9 May, 2018


Wow that is big I can see why they are kept smaller especially with the drought you have there. Yes I mainly get cuttings now for the same reason.

There is a park where I go shopping who sell cuttings and plants cheap its a charity run by disabled I bought another Angel Trumpet from them a cutting £2.50p a pink one I got my yellow one from there last year.

I am getting another cutting of another plant cant recall the name the man Paul is keeping one for me. I got an unusual orchid cutting off his plant to its called Dendrosium Delicatum got two lol

9 May, 2018


Yes, it can become a very large tree in the tropics, more than 75' (23 m) tall.

That's great about the Angel's Trumpets. I love them! I have so many. Many are flowering now.

Dendrobium delicatum is a very beautiful very large orchid. My neighbor (randallsd on GoY) has a huge one in his back yard. When it flowers it is so, so spectacular! I've been wanting a cutting from his orchid for years. I need to bug him for one soon. lol!

10 May, 2018


I can imagine it can get so big in the tropics 75' is very big .

You so lucky to have the perfect weather for the Angel Trumpet Andy not sure what to feed mine on though.

If it wasn't for the laws on plant s sent into other countries I could of sent you a cutting Andy as I bought another cutting of the Dendrobium delicatum he let me have it for £1.00 yes you ll have to bug him Andy its worth him getting bugged by you lol.

10 May, 2018


African Tulip tree typically extremely tall in the wet tropics. This tree loves a lot of water!

Angel's Trumpets are heavy feeders, they love nitrogen...and will grow fast with lots of fertilizer. My Angel's Trumpet didn't grow or bloom as well this past winter. It was because it was too hot and little rain.

I'll eventually get a Debrobium delicatum from my neighbor. lol! Randy's orchid is gigantic in a large half barrel. It should be flowering now. I'll have to bug him to see it. lol!

11 May, 2018


I am surprised you Africain Tulip tree survives with your drought.

So tomatoe feed will be ok for the Angel Trumpet? Sad really yours did nt flower because of lack of rain.

Yes Pauls Debrobium delicatum is a giant too yes 2 weeks ago Pauls was in flower when I went to the park tunnels little creamy white flowers shame as I asked do they sell their plants on the net they do but you have to collect they dont post.

Go on go round and bug him to see it then get the cutting. ?

11 May, 2018


I do water the African Tulip tree. It doesn't get the water it wants, though.

Yes, it should do well with tomato feed. Remember: they're in the same family: Solanaceae.

The Angels' Trumpets did flower this winter, just not like usual, almost continuously through winter. During winter Angel's Trumpets flower and usually rest a week or so and flower again, over-and-over again from: November, December through May. They bloom in summer; however, don't look their best not unless given tons of water. Which I can't do because of the horrible drought.

12 May, 2018


I can see why you keep it smaller would nt need so much water.

Idid nt know the Angel Trumpet belonged to he deadly nightshade family . At present it dropping its leaves perhaps to much water.

Ahrr I see over flowers often through out the season and it did nt. Yes shame about you have such bad droughts.

12 May, 2018


Yes, Angel's Trumpet is in the Solanaceae potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers (Capsicum), Physalis and so much more edible plants.

My Goldenberry plant (Physalis peruviana) which I had in the ground wilted for unknown reasons. I had to remove it from the ground and am trying to save it. It's in the Nightshade family, also. The only other plant that wilted like my Goldenberry was Cyphomandra betacea (tree tomato). Not sure if it's something in the soil. This was my tree tomato.

14 May, 2018


Possible could be the soil then try different soils in pots first.Trial and error.

14 May, 2018



14 May, 2018

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