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IMG 7317-Iris Midnight Revelry


By Lori

IMG 7317-Iris Midnight Revelry

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Stunning colour ...

29 Jun, 2018


still trying to figure out how to get true purples on my camera...they're either wine red or the flower looks blue...could it be my settings?.. more than likely, but I'm blessed if I can find the menu option to make the adjustment. This iris is the most beautiful thing and every year I try to get the perfect setting or the perfect light. I split this last year and the other section, I put in with some of the other irises... they all bloomed but my little division must have died..or is in there without a blossom to distinguish it. maybe next year.

29 Jun, 2018


Stunning such a gorgeous colour too.

29 Jun, 2018


A rich royal purple with a hint of blue. Gorgeous.

30 Jun, 2018


It's the ultiimate, of my irises anyway. Thanks 3d and Siris. I've had to stop and think how long I've had it...must be at least 5 yrs. It's a marvel.

30 Jun, 2018


Has it bulked up enough to get flowering each year now?

30 Jun, 2018


Yes, it appears so. One thing that worries me, it tends to flop with those huge flowers on the stem it ends up sideways. Done that the last two years...I know it's not a pretty sight to behold but I've put it in a tomato cage. It's decided to move under the shelter of a small, but rapidly enlarging, Hydrangea. I'm bringing some of my irises from the stream beds into the transfer bed once they've had a chance to bulk up, and I'm getting rid of the useless raspberry canes. Never get enough fruit for the chipmunks, squirrels and us! They also attract bears.

3 Jul, 2018


I don’t think theres an easy solution to photographing Violet shades Lori. Try adjusting the colour on the editing programmeon your computer. Making it warmer or cooler might work.

5 Jul, 2018


Beautiful iris, Lori..looks like velvet..such a stunning colour..wish i had more room, i love them, had lots in my old garden..thanks for a great pic..

5 Jul, 2018


Pat: :-)
Karen: Don't you love electronics?... fiddle a few settings and voila...chaos. ;-)

6 Jul, 2018


Are you still rural enough to still get bears visiting your property? Lori.

9 Jul, 2018


Yes, Siris. I live in a small hamlet about 15 kms. from a main highway, we are very rural. Last week I was awakened by my wee dog who was growling. His line of sight brought me to observe two lovely does feeding amid the bracken about 15 ft from my window. I've observed deer, foxes, turkeys, raccoons and bears from the same vantage point. In fact, I've watched a mother bear and her 3 cubs. We also boast the darkest skies in southern light pollution. at night it is pitch dark. When the moon is full it's like broad daylight. The birds sing in the evening, quietly in the gathering dusk..but with the first light of day their song is a rising crescendo. I love this place, it's peaceful, quiet and clean. (relatively) :-) weather is a little extreme at times, but on the whole it's pleasant enough for long enough that we forget the extremes until they return.

10 Jul, 2018

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