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By Amy2


I'm so pleased with this,it's the 3rd year of blooming and has maintained it's almost black colour ..

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Lovely shape unusual colour.

29 Jun, 2018


Looking good , I dont have as many flowers this years so I will re pot into fresh compost very early spring


1 Jul, 2018


Mine has come back even after the winter that we had. Very late but it will bloom.

3 Jul, 2018


That's great, Amy! I have one exactly the same which my son & daughter-in-law gave me for my birthday last year. It, too, has grown again this year & has produced just the one very dark purple, almost black, spathe.

4 Jul, 2018


Thanks 3p I might re-pot this one Gg it,s a little pot bound , did you leave yours outside Meanie ? . I'm pleased yours has grown again David thats was a nice lasting gift to have ..

5 Jul, 2018


Yes, mine is in the ground Amy. It is pure white though.

5 Jul, 2018


Thats interesting Meanie I believe I may have a clump growing in the ground in this garden the foliage looks identical to the leaves on my pot plant there's no sign of any flowers but then it was smothered by an old shrub maybe it will 'do' something now the ground has been cleared round it ...

5 Jul, 2018


Mine came from Surreylad. When I planted it out I stuck it down a good 20cm (or more). Late to come into growth it soon catches up.

6 Jul, 2018


I repotted it a few weeks ago & it is growing very well. No sign, for the present, that there will be more spathes. I keep it damper than most of my plants & it seems to be responding well.

Have you noticed lots of aphids on your plant? I'm forever cleaning them off of my plant - these are tiny white things but they do a lot of damage for their size to the leaves. The green ones don't seem to have returned but I have to keep on top of these tiny white ones, though.

10 Jul, 2018


Thanks for that info Meanie , The plant I found growing in this garden looks as if its going to bloom soon I'm keen to know what colour it will be .
No aphids here David ,would you keep them over your way Please Lol ..
we've had black ones eating the courgette flowers ..

11 Jul, 2018


I have this plant in the garden Amy and have purchased a pink one, also a friend bought me a yellow one so they are all in the same flowerbed. We had aphids on the apple tree but the sparrows and wasps have done me a favour and it's now nearly clean of them.

20 Jul, 2018


That's good news Linda ,nature at its best ...

7 Aug, 2018


Stunning. Mine died. :-(

12 Aug, 2018



16 Aug, 2018


Only yesterday I had to cut off some badly affected leaves on my plant. I've been trying to keep on top of them but unless I turn it around I miss some on (underneath) the leaves that are closest to the window & the lace curtains.

For their size these itsy bitsy tiny grey white aphids (if that is what they really are) do an awful lot of damage!

21 Aug, 2018


Thanks Waddy / Dd .. What a shame David I haven't had that problem ,is it worth spraying them with a fine mist of washing up liquid ?

21 Aug, 2018


I don't think that would work, Amy, as the leaves droop at the tips & also tend to curl inwards a little making it extremely difficult to spray them! 😞

23 Aug, 2018


Yes I can see what a problem you have David , you may have to persevere this year and hope that when it grows again next year it will be free of the nasty little critters ...

23 Aug, 2018

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