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Another Mango tree in town.


By Stan510

Another Mango tree in town. (Mangifera indica)

Its taller then a 6' lets say its a seven foot tree. The nursery's sell them here as fast as they get them...nice to see them now being seen.

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Wow! It looks excellent!

25 Aug, 2018


Bad angle..but its well over the 6' block and doesn't look to be having any problems even if squeezed by the lemon tree and some other's in that yard.
My Champagne that sat last year..and I gave thoughts to digging up and moving..probably setting it back if not kill it is why I didn't..has exploded (ha) in growth. For a mango in Hayward. It might soon be the main Mango in my little yard..catching up and passing the larger one in a few years.
I think it took it a few years to adjust to the clay soil there. Its very good clay soil..but still,clay.
Its shown very good cold tolerance..and did out flush in numbers the larger Manila..but those flushes were very tight..nodes. Now,its more a natural growth. Leaning forward away from the other tree's. But,getting more hot sun too.

25 Aug, 2018


This tree appears very healthy.

That's great your little mango tree is growing well, now. I know sometimes trees can take some time to get established.

My little Keitt mango seedling has only put out two flushes of growth since I planted it in the ground on March 1st. It's been record warm here in San Diego for highs and low temps, also. I think it's trying to get established. I'm hoping for a couple more flushes of growth by the end of the year! Maybe 6' by December. One can hope! LOL!

28 Aug, 2018


The weather man has called this month "Fogust".
Today,worst of all. Just dark out there.
On the positive watering has been as minimal as it can get for this time of year..and plants are already unwinding with new growth from summer's length even if no 80's.
No 80's,in August. whoa!

28 Aug, 2018


Wow! That's amazing no 80's in Hayward in the month of August. I don't remember that ever happening. I have a feeling September and October will be hot there.

It's been constant upper 80's and 90's for the last two months. It's been on average the hottest summer on record. The lows have been just unbelievable warm even for San Diego. I think tonight may break the streak of lows in the 70's. It's forecasted to be a low of 67 degrees. lol! Which is close to normal.

I don't want to talk about watering. It's crazy all the watering I've been doing these last couple of months! :>((

2 Sep, 2018


Had to look it up. 5 days of 80f or more in August..BUT!,from the 19th- to the 31st,nothing warmer then 76f.
We might touch 80f today.
I've been repotting.. the 6" potted Croton I bought that has fiddle shaped leaves? Really has done well. The Petra and Curly Boy ( CB has done best of all) have also filled in. Petra has yet to grow the really big leaves and I doubt it ever will.
This whole summer has been so cool,the Mango fruit are half the size they were last year at this time. They might grow more..I dont know. But last Sept they were full sized and only needed to color up. Green and small right now.

2 Sep, 2018


That's better than no days in the 80's.

Sorry to hear about your mangoes, I'm sure when the weather heats up they will grow again.

My large Croton 'Angel Wings' looks horrible! It so desperately needs to be put into a larger pot. It's not growing and is just sulking. It should have grown by leaps and bounds with the extremely hot and humid weather San Diego has had over the last two months. I don't think Crotons take their roots being trimmed back very well, so I need to transplant it into a much larger pot in really rich good-draining soil. It needs a 20 gallon pot. Yikes!

3 Sep, 2018


My banana's also have only a few on them. A dozen? Last time it bloomed,I had over 40 on one huge bunch.
Its a fine line in a Hayward summer between "warm enough" and "not quite warm enough".
Plumeria obtusa did come back from a bad kill back..I will post it. Flowering is another matter.

3 Sep, 2018


I haven't had bananas in a couple of years. The soil isn't wet enough here, even with fertilizer and lots of free compost they're looking horrible! My Heliconias also haven't flowered in a few years. My papayas haven't set one fruit this year, even in all this heat. It's crazy!!!

The Plumerias are doing excellent...

5 Sep, 2018


I know. I saw the writing on the wall when I went to only dry liking plants in the front yard. Some are pre those days- like the Howea,but I've pretty much stuck to Aloes and Pachypodiums...Agaves.
Now my backyard is so to avoid ferns and like that?..but I have a small yard 20x30. So, a few tree ferns,begonia's and Monstera and its filled.
I found Andy that HD sells a garden soils amendment that makes a great mulch- even if not sold as a mulch. Its really helped the tree ferns and King palms from going too dry between waterings. Its like the cheapest potting soil in cost.

5 Sep, 2018


What's the name of the soil amendment. I have to buy some. Everything here is so dry. I do hope we receive some good rain this winter.

6 Sep, 2018


Its called ( I still have an empty bag!) Kellogg's Garden potting soil mix.
I've never heard of something for "Outdoor potting mix"..its in a niche for sure.
But,I have used it on the surface of my big tree ferns,Ficus,King palms, and I was pleased at how well it does,I put hands full on my indoor big Anthurium and other plants.
It doubles too as a black soil mulch..looks really good around ferns and palms.
Its only about $5 for a 2cubic.

I was talking to another internet friend on the bay area's cool summer. He said Andy,that this is the first year his potted Dwarf Singapore Plumeria didnt bloom in the six years he's had it. Plus,he's in warm Santa Clara.
Its been so cool. Not a bad summer..but nothing like the usual post 2010 years.

6 Sep, 2018



Thank you so much for the information! :>))

I have a feeling you're going to have really hot Autumn weather there.

It's been really hot here the last couple of days. What's strange is that it's been foggy in the early morning (warm fog, though...lows in the upper 60's). It's good for the plants. It's going to stay pretty warm all week, 80's and 90's.

9 Sep, 2018


Another stem on the Banana has flowered. My first two stems in one year season. Flowering in September means it wont ripen until May..kind of of a ridiculous long wait.
But,that's mild maritime temperate zone gardening.
You might wear a sweater every morning of the year.

10 Sep, 2018


At least your banana plants are growing. My banana plants haven't grown much over the last few years. The ground is way too dry, and I can't give them enough water. Some bananas are better than none. lol!

11 Sep, 2018


I posted a vid of another Mango tree in the bay area. In the mid 2000 range all I heard from bay area experts was "Cant be done".
I won. lol..

12 Sep, 2018

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