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Dragon Tree....

Dragon Tree.... (Dracaena marginata (Dragon tree))

Making a statement!! seems to be happy!!

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It certainly does look happy better than mine do you water it very often or feed it.

25 Jan, 2019


I only water it when it becomes bone dry, they do not need a lot of OH feeds it during the Summer months 3 pence!

26 Jan, 2019


Thank you Dottydaisy for the tips I ll try them.

26 Jan, 2019


Thats lovely. These are oneof the best plantts for cleaning your air indoors I bellieve. I need to get another one! I killed mine by phtting it outside in summer. They don’t like that!

27 Jan, 2019


I wish mine would grow like that. I cut it back recently, do you think it will regrow ?

What a tidy house you've got !

27 Jan, 2019


Karen so I believe!! I must say I forget to water it, doesn't seem to resent it!!
Hywel, how much did you take off? I have never pruned ours, so I cannot help you on that one......yes that room is tidy, but the rest of the house isn't, it's our sitting room, used mainly for watching the box!! the other rooms are for living in!!!! try asking the internet re pruning Dracaena!!

27 Jan, 2019


I cut it about half way down and used the top bit as a cutting. It seems to have rooted but the 'main' plant is slow to recover.
Thanks I'll have a look on the internet.

28 Jan, 2019


It looks really heathy, DD! I've had one for about 15 years, I've posted an occasional picture of it too. But my tree has always been bare stems with a tuft of leaves at the top. On a couple of occasions I've cut a trunk back to where a new bud has spontaneous started to sprout which has later grown into a new branch. But it has only ever had three stems which became twisted over the years. I used to turn the plant around once or twice a year so they have grown twisted from straining to get back to the light!

You are lucky, Hywel, if you have got a cutting or two to root! I've had no luck at all & I've tried several times! 😞

29 Jan, 2019


I haven't had one of these for years. Yours certainly does make a statement, it's a lovely shape.

30 Jan, 2019


It looks better than mine Dd I've had mine years it goes out in the summer months and then back in for the winter ,it likes the summer months best ...

31 Jan, 2019


Balcony it is normally in the conservatory so it gets lots of light, hence it is well clothed all round, I needed the room for a large Brugmansia so it is having a change of scenery!
Thanks HB, it was a large plant when we bought it....

31 Jan, 2019


Amy, it has never been outside yet!!

31 Jan, 2019


Mine has ben outside for a couple of years but last year, due to the enormous number of tomato plants I grew, there was no room for it out on the balcony. I don't intend to grow so many tomato plants this year (but then I didn't intend to last year either!) so maybe it can go out on the balcony from late May this year again.

31 Jan, 2019


It always grows much more outside Dd, It seems to like being ' friends ' with the other plants in the garden :o))

31 Jan, 2019


Balcony I know what you mean, we are always full of good intentions, aren't we? I might put it out for a wash when we have some summer warm rain!
Amy ....Karen put hers out in the summer and it died! so it put me off! and ours seems very happy inside, so I haven't bothered!

1 Feb, 2019


Oh No that's bad news , keep on the safe side then Dd ...

3 Feb, 2019


I damaged my Dragon tree one year by putting it outside on the balcony! as I have so little space it was put out further than other years & the sun killed quite a few leaves before I was able to find it a spot where the midday sun wouldn't reach them.

Other years it had been deeper inside the balcony but that year the space wasn't available but I didn't notice till the damage was done! Fortunately the winter indoors helped it to recover & last year I didn't put it out at all. Perhaps this year it will also stay inside - but we will have to wait & see what space is available at the beginning of June.

6 Feb, 2019


They obviously don't like direct sun......

12 Feb, 2019

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