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Deep and crisp and even....


By Lori

Deep and crisp and even....

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You ve got deep snow there Lori we only had an hour one day and that melted as it fell seems you ve got our snow.

14 Feb, 2019


the weather is wet and cool down most of the west coast of NA this winter. Friends and family in B.C. are experiencing more snow than ever..and friends in Cal. are talking about the cool wet winter... If it's still wet out will take a while for it to travel across country to us...but we'll have it sooner rather than later. Early March is usually our snowiest period and I can't lift my shovel over my head ... pathways are like tunnels the banks are so high!

16 Feb, 2019


I wonder if its to do with the earth's magnet polemoving towards Siberia.
We normally over recent years get our snow in February but most southwards of me on here show spring has arrived with daffodils flowering. I hope you don't get it to bad there Lori in March

16 Feb, 2019


I wish I was a meteorologist, 3d. I've watched Youtube docs on the polar shift and the contrails and the changes in the climate of the high arctic (Alaska and Nunavut) . It's even been postulated that Putin wants the Arctic ocean free of ice so he can drill for oil... There was a submission to NASA from some Inuit Elders regarding obvious changes in the climate and the location of the sunrise/sunset on solstice... I don't know if they ever received any reply to their query. so much theory floating around. Would like to see some authority step up to answer the questions. (The Royal Geographical Society, maybe?) Does it still exist? )
I'm hoping for a better shake this spring. At least get some apples this year as the buds and blossom have been frozen off in previous years.

16 Feb, 2019


Found this if your interested to know.

Yes Russia hold the most oil and own country's that have a rich source of oil too.
I wonder what they all will do when oil runs out.
My uncle who was in the army in the second world war who stayed in Singaporearried after the war married a Chinese lady they moved to Australia then visited here about 12 years ago to consider moving back here but said we are all living on top of each other they have let to many in here now he stated then commented about how nature has its ways of getting rid of poison not to do us harm then the greed of man digs it up by drilling and sends it into the air for us to breath in toxic fumes.

Even non leaded petrol causes cancers and they will have a nation walking around with all types of cancers according to two London doctor professors when they warned parliament of this and they said they did nt care in the Whale report.

16 Feb, 2019 I found this interesting reading...
This is the geographical poles not the magnetic poles..
interesting differentiation.

18 Feb, 2019


Thank you Lori I shall have a look.

19 Feb, 2019


I would say the Chandler wobble is likely
caused by taken oil out the earth which imo is like taking oil out of our bodies.

Global warming is an excuse to tax us all making money for the rich even one of our old chancellors who was chancellor of the exchequer for Margaret Thatcher Nigel Lawson he has his own team on it that has investigated this its a natural course the earth takes and argued this . I ve watched documentaries where they have taken large ice cilinders out of the poles and has shown many ice ages dating back thousands of years and warming which lasts about 30 years. Also scientist on a forum have stated by taking oil out of the earth takes away the protection of the heat escaping and warms the oceans. So I don't believe its fossel fuel as like coal wood etc I believe its the oil.

19 Feb, 2019

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