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8702 First Hollyhock with fringed petals and it's peach pink!


By Lori

 8702 First Hollyhock with fringed petals and it's peach pink!

Almost didn't happen... the deer forage my garden occasionally and lately they've been sampling my hollys. They especially liked this one.

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Love this one!

20 Jul, 2019


What a lovely delicate shade of pink.
I have some black hollyhocks but they are a sorry lot, the fungus got all the leaves and most of the plants have keeled over during yest storms. I have to be ruthless and remove all plants over c65cm. My garden is just too exposed.

23 Jul, 2019


do you have plans to plant a screen? in my town garden I built a trellis for hops because it was fast growing and it would allow some shade in a very exposed corner of my back yard. It worked ok... and any hops that decided to compete with the virginia creeper in later seasons was easily hoed out. the birds loved the VC and sheltered in the summer heat under it's leaves..and took some of the berries too. It might to too vigorous. I found some growing up one of the tall white pines and brought some from my town garden ...I now have grape and VC climbing the north side of my house. Robins are building their nests in it!

24 Jul, 2019


I have tried the screen method, let all my hedges grow but the result was that I lost all my views! It was still windy but more in a sort of whirlpool way, not at all good. So I cut all the hedges again as the views are the main reason I bought the house. I've grown VC in a previous cottage in wiltshire, looked gorgeous but found damp patches in the lounge carpet, on inspection turned out the dratted plant had surfaced up there and was sending roots out...probably after a drink.. I'm a bit weary now!

25 Jul, 2019


oh goodness! I know what you mean by whirlpool.. we're in a bowl too, and deep enough in the valley that the tall forest obscures the long view. So the windward side will not want VC... Last autumn I stepped on it firmly... took it back to the main vine. Ha! you know what I did, right? It's staging a coup and the grape vine is helping... I planted a trumpet vine nearby (also know to be vigorous) thinking that if one didn't take perhaps the other would. Now I have a three-way competition. The grape vine is trying to come through the door way...keep catching it in the screen door. So yesterday I took a machete to it. I lost some fruit in the process but at least now we can come and go. too old to be up on wiggly ladders so I'm thinking It might be it or me... gotta go. The trumpet vine has the best manners..I might keep it.

25 Jul, 2019



26 Jul, 2019

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