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By Aleyna

Saved successfully - home (Hippeastrum Reticulatum)

Among the bulbs saved last year, I set some aside for our own garden. This is the first flowering. Hippeastrum Reticulatum - December 2019

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Looks wonderful, Aleyna! :)

6 Dec, 2019


Pretty good. Here in the S.F. bay area they bloom in late summer. Since I think this is still early summer in the southern hemisphere,shows you must have a considerable warmer climate.

10 Dec, 2019


Thank you Balcony :). I'm very happy I was able to save it. Now I'll let it there trought the winter and expect the next summer.

San Francisco, I miss it. Last time in SF was 2010.
Today is particularly warm, 28ÂșC. Unnusual for this time of the year.
Tomorrow to sunday we will have rain, it might drop the temperature a bit.

11 Dec, 2019


As it seems these plants are native to Brazil you shouldn't have much trouble trying to keeping it alive - as long as you don't get frost!

11 Dec, 2019


We DO have frost, they are used to.
The only on I'll take from the soil next march is the red one, because it came in a pot. So I'll move it to the pot during autumn and winter and move back to the soil next spring.
And now I'm curious, will buy different amarillys bulbs to plant next spring as well :)

11 Dec, 2019


I grow only the big Dutch hybrids & these won't take any frost.

Your big red one may also be a Dutch hybrid like mine. Do you have any photos of it?

15 Dec, 2019



It looks beautiful! They bloom here in early to mid spring. I love seeing a lot of them in flower.

15 Jan, 2020


I have at least 4 scapes with buds that will open the end of the month or beginning of February.

16 Jan, 2020


Thank you Delonix,
I know the feeling. I also get enchanted with them in flower all around the condominium, and lots that don't have buildings yet, where they are spreading freely.

David, don't forget to post photos.
I believe that I will stay with these that I already have, and I will not venture to plant more amarilis. Maybe indoors.

23 Jan, 2020


In a couple of days I will have some more photos to post as the 4 in the kitchen will start to open their flowers this weekend - I predicted the end of January, didn't I? :)

23 Jan, 2020


I admire you can predict the flowering dates. I'm just the silly goose who jumps hapilly when some flower shows up :)

28 Jan, 2020


It's not very difficult, you just count off between 6 & 8 weeks from when you see the bud coming out of the neck of the bulb & that is, more or less, when it will flower!

I have 3 plants now flowering in the kitchen!

31 Jan, 2020


Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I saw your flowers :)

1 Feb, 2020


Anytime you want any information on growing Amaryllis I may be able to help. I've written many blogs on GoY in the 10+ years I've been a member. All you need to do is type in "Amaryllis" in the search box & all mentions of the word should appear & then you will be able to find the blogs I've written.

I'm always willing to help out, not just with Amaryllis, but with other plants as well.

2 Feb, 2020


Thank you David :)

3 Feb, 2020

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