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Plumeria (Plumeria)

This approx. 8 ft Plumeria tree was growing in San Jose, CA. I was surprised to see it growing there. I have seen smaller ones growing in the ground; however, never this large. Photo taken Feb. 26, 2020.

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When will it flower? I love the flowers! :)

27 Feb, 2020


It will start flowering in late May to early June, most likely. I don't know what the variety is, though. On my next trip to the San Francisco Bay Area I will drive by and see what color the flowers are in late Summer.

I'm surprised it actually has leaves so late in winter. Usually most or all leaves drop by now.

28 Feb, 2020


Two of them,I see buds in the foreground plant. wow,So this was in the ground? Would have to be to have that much branching.
I have red Plumeria from my brother in law in FLorida. Cuttings I rooted,it grew...then the cat knocked it over and broke almost ALL the growth. So,I rooted two large stems..and with the base sprouting I now have three red plumeria. What gets me? They are in full leaf. That's the kind of winter we've had.

2 Mar, 2020


So your "winter" has also been very mild just like ours. We have hardly had a frost & certainly no killing frosts like we always had. In fact it's now official, February 2020 has become the wettest February since records began, beating the last which was in 1990! I wouldn't be surprised to hear that winter 2019/20 has been the mildest & wettest since records began either!

2 Mar, 2020


Balcony, Yes, I think the SF Bay Area has had a very mild winter. It was very warm when I was visiting up there. I think it was almost 80ºF (27ºC) the day I took this photo.

Officially there was no rain in the SF Bay Area for the month of February. It was the only February other than in 1864 that there was no recorded rain.

Here in San Diego we had the third driest February on record. We desperately need rain.

Stan, I was very surprised this Plumeria had so many leaves on it. Even my large tree in the backyard is loosing most of its leaves now. I want to go back in late summer or early fall to see what color the flowers are...

It appears this Plumeria has been there at least 5 to 7 years. It takes a while for them to get this big.

3 Mar, 2020


Mid 70's today. I had to water the backyard as its been windy..dry low humidity air and wind really made the ferns droop.
No Feb- early March period has ever had this many 70f days I would bet.
Back around 2005 or so I would post on boards I felt a real change in the bay area. THEN,listen to how "wrong" I was from experts.
They don't do that anymore.

3 Mar, 2020


It was almost 80 degrees here yesterday, today a little cooler than hot tomorrow. Next week we may get some much-needed rain. I'm not holding my breathe, though.

I have definitely seen a huge difference in the flora in the SF Bay Area since I moved to San Diego 20 years ago. I know the weather has changed pretty drastically in a very short period of time. I never had seen the amount of tropical plants growing there when I was living there.

4 Mar, 2020


"I wouldn't be surprised to hear that winter 2019/20 has been the mildest & wettest since records began either!"

Officially it has been declared as the FIFTH wettest winter since records began!

4 Mar, 2020


I think I want to remove part of a Euonymus hedge. I have a few things to try that I keep in pots. Plumeria obtusa would be one. It grows,then dies back in winter. In the ground,might not die back.
My Ataulfo Mango I planted from seed five years ago? (6?) is having its first flowering. What I remember is posting on gardenweb that it was the most delicious box of yellow mangoes I ever ate. Then,some people agreed..they had bought what was in the markets too.
It's always been a very deep green plants..never shows winter damage. Much nicer looking than the Manila I have and those around town . Very excited to see if the flower stem is large panicles or stubby like Manila.
Deep yellow fruit would be nice to see too!

4 Mar, 2020


I would definitely try the Plumeria rubra varieties, they are strong, hardy plants; however, Plumeria obtusa is really a tropical tree which I don't think would grow well there in the ground, especially, long term. Even in San Diego they can get that black mold on their tips in rainy years.

10 Mar, 2020


I hope you get some mangoes on your Ataulfo mango! I think it may be a good year for mangoes this year. Last year I saw some mangoes, but overall it was a wetter year and the mangoes didn't set well.

The mango tree around the corner from me is loaded with with grape-sized fruit right now. The owners are finally taking care of their tree.

10 Mar, 2020

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