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euphorbia preparing for the outdoors


By Lori

euphorbia preparing for the outdoors

my messy little porch is a staging area.

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It sits on a wrought iron trolley, Homebird. I wrap it in a quilt (for my protection) and lift it over the threshold and onto the deck where it enjoys the soon as frost threatens I reverse the process... It sits in the porch all winter.

9 Jun, 2020


And you have a birdcage there Lori, who lives there?

10 Jun, 2020


Hi Janey! that's Georgie, our 15 yr. old budgie.

11 Jun, 2020


15 years, he must be very happy and you must have looked after him very well! X

11 Jun, 2020


I got him from a lady whose birds had bred. the two little guys were in a cage cuddled up tight... just barely fledged..and too young to show sex. I couldn't bear to separate them, so I brought George and Gracie home. Soon they started to show blue above the beaks.. both of them.. two males. Drat! Georgie is green, and Gracie was blue. Gracie became Bluey and when Georgie tried to dominate we had to move them to separate cages... Bluey lived to be 12 and Georgie is still perking... loves to sing along with any music, tells himself he's a pretty bird...repeatedly...and imitates some of the sound effects on my son's video games.

12 Jun, 2020


Aw, he sounds great company and takes me back to my childhood when we used to have Bonny and Lady. Bonny was a blue boy and Lady pure yellow. We used to let them out regularly for a fly round but Lady hadn't got the hang of landing too well and we were always ducking heads as she liked to land on them. This one lunchtime we were sat at the table waiting for pudding, when Lady came from nowhere and landed straight into the bowl of custard!
I can see Dad still, washing her feet under the tap..haha..:))

13 Jun, 2020


Makes one wonder what goes on in their little bird brains?Over the years our whole family have had budgies and the tales are many... one that still makes me laugh is about 50 yrs. older brother and his family had a blue guy whose name was Tweeter... a little blue missile who would land on your fork and steal green peas off of your plate.

13 Jun, 2020


Haha Lori! They are such characters aren't they, they're like monkeys of the bird world!

14 Jun, 2020


Yes, Janey... and every one a delight! <3

14 Jun, 2020

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