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0200 1 look closely and you'll see the tracks of a whitetail deer


By Lori

 0200 1 look closely and you'll see the tracks of a whitetail deer

He's sampling the spinach and chard

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I've clicked 'like' but I wouldn't want that in my garden.

28 Jul, 2020


Oh NO ! that's not good news is it , can you eat them ? get your own back :o(

28 Jul, 2020


Its lovely to see such wild life but not at the expence of your crops could nt you put some sort of fencing or barrier up Lori to save your crops.

28 Jul, 2020


They're lovely things to watch Hywel. graceful and not a threat to anyone or anything except a few plants! ;-)
Come November there will be "hunters" roaming our roads watching for this creature. If it's a buck, as I'm afraid it may be because it's singular, his days may be numbered. I'm not a fan of wild meat, Amy. too gamey. but you're right it would be getting my own back! the only shooting I do is with my camera. I've been encouraged to buy a shotgun because of the black bears... but no! can't get into killing, even to eat. Guess if things go south market-wise, I'll starve!
With my own eyes, 3d, I've seen our whitetails clear 8 ft. fences with ease from a standing start. They're amazingly agile and if they want some of my garden I don't think a fence would do it! :-))

31 Jul, 2020


Wow they can certainly jump then . Its a shame you could have a raised bed with legs up against a shed or your house to grow your crops.

31 Jul, 2020


Interesting read, Lori. I have to agree, I’m not keen on strong tasting meat, goat, wild game etc. Amazing to hear how high they can leap! They are lovely animals, but, sadly destroy a lot of property and garden I guess..

1 Aug, 2020


I haven't told you the story of the neighbour's pigs, Kate?
Now they are a truly destructive animal when allowed free range. they're worse than goats because they dig up the forest floor and eat wildflowers, ferns and anything else they fancy. the neighbour let them run and didn't keep up the fences between our property and theirs. They completely wiped out the vegetable garden of the other neighbours. Shortly after that they were rounded up and sent to market. Rumour had it that a sow had escaped the roundup and was still at large in the hundred plus acres behind us!

1 Aug, 2020


Crikey! I’ve heard they are pretty destructive beasts, Lori. Tasty some may say! What a nightmare set of neighbours! Why on earth did they let them roam around? Obviously they couldn’t be bothered! Surely the pigs must’ve destroyed a lot of their property and land too?
Hopefully the rumour is just what they say, a rumour, in regards to the escapee!!

2 Aug, 2020


The piggies in question were small as pigs go... the bore wasn't as big as the sows but they never seemed to be any larger than a couple of hundred pounds, full grown. The "farmer and his wife" were inexperienced young folk and bought the breed because of their smaller size and the fact that they are used (like goats) to clear weeds and brush in the forest making it available for pasture land when the trees were removed... This pursuit didn't endear them to their neighbours, and after a few veggie gardens and my wildflowers in the forest and parts of my lawn were rooted around in...they decided that pigs were not a good idea.
I also believe that the rumoured "escapee" was probably poached during deer and moose hunting season. such is life in our little burg.

3 Aug, 2020

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