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Manx marvel tomato


By Amy2

Manx marvel tomato

Grown in pots , it is rare the seed was originally given to me by Gnarly gnome as he was one of the few people who had seed ,I've grown them from seed for the last 3 years

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They look tasty.

9 Aug, 2020


They are far more advanced than my tomato plants on the balcony!

With the heat of these last few days they have been wilting & I'm afraid they will suffer from Blossom End Rot & I shall lose most of the fruit that has set on the 9 plants.

12 Aug, 2020


They look yummy! I've grown some Money Makers this year from some old seeds as I couldn't get to the GC to get new seeds. They've done ok, but nothing special. Are yours outside or in a greenhouse Amy?

12 Aug, 2020


A good crop there Amy, they've ripened far earlier than mine. Mine are Gardeners delight and just beginning to colour up. I've planted the pots they're in, in the garden; they took so much watering, as I think the pots aren't large enough. Now I can water them once and the ground too and it lasts now till the next day..:))

16 Aug, 2020


Ooh, delicious Amy! A great looking batch of tomatoes.

16 Aug, 2020


Thanks all ,they've done really well this year , Julia I have some in pots and some in a mini greenhouse and a couple planted in the garden . Good idea Janey anything to save watering so many pots , I've made batches of soup to freeze and yesterday I skinned and deseeded a trog full gently friend them in butter and olive oil with herbs until it was a nice thick mixture and put portions in the freezer ,perfect for Pizza topping or pasta ..

17 Aug, 2020


Wow, what a great idea Amy, I just need a few more to ripen together, haha. By the time I've had one or two, I have to then wait another couple of days!

19 Aug, 2020


Lovely....I do miss eating 🍅 every form....

24 Aug, 2020


If my tomato plants survive after storms Ellen & Francis have finished with us! Ellen wasn't as bad as Francis is at the moment. We are in an area of amber wind warning issued by the Met Office. My plants are getting a real battering! I'm surprised the string holding them up haven't broken yet! As the strong winds are forecast to continue to midday on Wednesday I'm not sure the strings will resist. I may have to pick up the plants from the floor tomorrow morning! :(

It will be a shame if the plants get too damaged as I have a lot of tomatoes growing on them & most of the plants are now 6ft high! Just a week or so ago I had to take out the growing tips of the 3 strongest plants & this week another 3 will have there growing tips removed as they also have almost reached the ceiling of the balcony! The other three have another couple of weeks to go before I do the same to them!

25 Aug, 2020


Sorry about that Dd it's not fair ,I would miss them as well .
I hope your plants hang on in there David you've put so much work into making them look amazing , good luck with the tomatoes I hope you get a good crop ...

26 Aug, 2020


Thanks Amy! As it is the strings have held out & not broken after all! :) They just have a few burnt leaves.

A couple of the Begonias in pots were blown over but didn't get too damaged. I took them out of the rings on the balcony railing & put them on the floor. I did the same when Storm Ellen came rushing through. As they survived OK I thought I'd do the same for when Storm Francis arrived.

Unfortunately I couldn't do the same for the 7 hanging baskets as there was no room on the balcony floor. In each of the baskets there were a couple of Begonias + variegated Geraniums & Nasturtiums. The Geraniums suffered least but the Begonias are in a really sorry state. Worse happened to the Nasturtiums as they have been almost killed & I doubt they will recover.

The three troughs on the middle bar of the railings with Pelargoniums mostly haven't done too bad. The Geraniums between them have also come through quite well.

The wind also blew over 2 plants of Dahlia 'Bishop's Children' but they don't seem very damaged.

All taken into account I seem to have got off fairly lightly.

26 Aug, 2020

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