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Native orchid


By Aleyna

Native orchid

In their wanderings around the subdivision my daughter and son-in-law found this orchid in a fallen tree. We fixed the orchid on the trunk of Bracatinga. This is the first flowering.

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Wow, that's quite a rare find. These are very expensive at the shops IF you can even find them.

16 Aug, 2020


Sorry Aleyna, I see how the orchid is growing now. I had queried if it was attached to the tree trunk on another pic posted.

16 Aug, 2020


They are natural here Bathgate, and I was lucky daughter found a very nice one.

Kate, they took the orchid from a fallen tree. I tried to reproduce its original habitat. Apparently she liked the tree chosen for her new home.

17 Aug, 2020


How lucky you are to be able to grow Orchids outside & in their natural way instead of in transparent plastic pots like we do!

I have two, one is flowering at this moment. This is the 2nd time it's flowered this year! :)

The other one I accidentally broke off the flower stem in May when I was trying to get it more vertical. :( It would have been the third time it had bloomed for me!

18 Aug, 2020


Balcony, when the steam shows up, it is time to start to guide it to be straight.
And about trying to grow the orchids in plastic pots, think about me trying to grow blue spruce, the seeds just popped out and didn't sprout :'(
I'll write a blog and ask for orientation

19 Aug, 2020


I was intrigued by your attempt to grow Blue Spruce from seed so I searched online for it & found this interesting article; I've copied some of the information that might be of more interest to you:

"Blue spruce is usually propagated by cuttings, graftings, and seeds. Blue spruce cuttings are collected, preferably in the morning from vigorous branches. These cuttings should be dipped in a rooting hormone before planting in containers in a mixture of peat and sand. After planting keep the cuttings in a bright spot and keep the growing medium moist. These cuttings take a long time to show signs of growth, and you must wait several months, and the success rate is also poor. Once the cuttings show growth, plant them in the right place. Air layering of the blue spruce tree is also possible.

Only mature blue spruce trees produce the cones. These cones drop their seeds in spring. Blue spruce seeds require a considerable period of light to germinate: 14 to 16 hours per day. If the length of light falls below 12 hours a day, they become dormant. Seedling Growth of blue spruce is also very slow, and you need to be patient.

If you are planting a blue spruce tree, our recommendation is to buy a plant from nursery so that you’ll not have to wait for that much long."

20 Aug, 2020


We have no blue spruce on nurseries here. That's why I'm trying from seeds.

20 Aug, 2020


Well I wish you luck!

23 Aug, 2020


I would love to have one of these, but in New York we get the snow & ice which purges the land. Obviously they love a rain forest type of environment. Even indoors I don't think this would work with my furnace blasting away all winter - too dry. IT's good for succulents but I wouldn't risk trying to get one of these. So I'll just enjoy your photos and the occasional trip to the Botanical Gardens - if it ever reopens.

23 Aug, 2020

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