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Loaded with fruit!


By Stan510

Loaded with fruit! (Mangifera indica (Mango))

Pre,my tying it back up more or less...maybe not much more. Plus,many are larger than ever size. Bigger tree= bigger fruit. I know I am on the absolute marginal climate zone for them. It is not hot enough here for them to grow fast..takes patience and is best to plant many to get a good amount every year..many small trees= big tree amounts.

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You lucky devil!!!! Mangoes, how very delicious! This must be wonderful to have in your garden, Stan. Do you eat them as they come or do you use them for pies or drinks?

27 Aug, 2020


So far we eat them as they come Kate,but the wife is from the Philippines and they like them in ways I never even thought,hard and eaten like that. Or green dipped in vinegar and salt..pickled too. So it works out that if one gets knocked off the tree immature? It's still eaten.
The wife isnt a pie maker for some reason. She's old school Pinay-lol.

27 Aug, 2020


Wow! What a bumper crop! I don't think Hayward is a marginal climate for mangoes, anymore. That's amazing how many mangoes are on that tree!

I don't know if you remember when I said once the tree gets established it will produce many more and larger fruit. Mango trees usually don't grow too fast (with the exception of some varieties). It's because they're extremely long-lived trees.

My mango tree is growing better this year. I think it's because its a little more established (two years now). It's 5' tall now. I'm hoping for a few more growth spurts in late summer and fall (maybe even into November beginning of December) we can get really hot weather through November, sometimes into December.

30 Aug, 2020


It's just days now from picking time. I think the tree will be relieved-ha.

1 Sep, 2020


I’m sure they’re going to be delicious! You’ll be eating mangoes every day.

My mango tree is putting out new growth right now. I hope it doesn’t burn in the severe heatwave we’re expecting tomorrow! The forecast is for 105 - 120 degrees in San Diego. Possibly 115 degrees in National City and Chula Vista which is very close to the coast! I hope they’re wrong!

4 Sep, 2020


Almost as hot here the next three days. 90f or so. Do you know that the 103 we had in August burned the top of the Ataulfo mango fruit? I never thought it was possible to ever see that happen here...scalded.
Small tree,5'. I think as it grows something like that stops.
Andy,that one Papaya seed that survived? Is still the light shade of the Mangoes. About 2' tall now.
Room is so crowded now!..I even removed some hedge plants to give me about 5' of planting room.
That's the way it is now..remove to add.

5 Sep, 2020


Just caught up with this Stan. This is the first time I've seen mangoes actually growing on a tree. Incredible, the tree must be very strong to hold the weight of those!

7 Sep, 2020


I've picked a couple of the larger Janey- photos soon. I also took off the ones that don't look to have reached full help the tree by taking off the still edible runts.
Next year I'm going to have to help with at least two more tree stakes for the largest two branches.
This has been a warm summer after a dull July of average. June was warm,August warm and September warmer than average so far.

7 Sep, 2020


It sounds an amazing tree to have and very interesting too. August here was rainy and grey and September so far is very autumnal, so you are in the best place!

7 Sep, 2020



106 degrees yesterday and 102 or 104 degrees in Hayward today! That’s extremely hot for Hayward. I was just shocked to how hot the nights were there! I do remember when I lived in Hayward it being that hot. It’s typically this time of year just like in San Diego.

Mango fruits are susceptible to burning when it’s extremely hot, even though the trees love very hot weather.

Is the papaya from the Thai Dwarf seed I sent you?

8 Sep, 2020


Janey,Denver went from 95F/35C to 34f/ 1C overnight...with snow. SNOW!.
Here more of the 32C type temps..not typical,today.
Same Papaya Andy..I have to post a photo.

Here's a true story..when it was 106F /41C? I picked a smallish Mango fruit and as I was watering?,I put it in my shirt burned like a cooked Mango right out of the microwave! No kidding.
I mean,these are things you don't even imagine-ha.

8 Sep, 2020


Wow! That’s incredible! That heat was insane! It burned a lot of my plants.

I would love to see a pic of the papaya.

I planted some 3 to 4 inch papayas last fall, (I’m surprised they lived through this last rainy winter) they were languishing this spring and early summer for some reason. Now, they’re really growing fast with fertilizer and steer manure. The largest Thai Dwarf is more than 3’ tall (it should be taller). It’s starting to put out flower buds now.

10 Sep, 2020


Its in a good spot..maybe not getting as much direct sun..but that spot accumulates heat..even shade there is warm in summer. My backyard is not like that..shade there is cooler and I know..the Papaya and Mangoes would not survive. Microclimates on one little property are life and death to some plants.

14 Sep, 2020


Papayas and mango trees love heats! You have them in the perfect spot.

My mango has put on 12” of growth over the last month. The heat is really promoting growth. It’s hot again today.

16 Sep, 2020


77f tops here. Still enough Mangoes that branches are still droopy. The wife loves them..ripe or green. To me,they have sort of a Persimmon and cantaloupe and a dash of cinnamon flavor. She says ,"Taste like a Mango"..but I can taste that it's not like a market mango taste.

17 Sep, 2020


98 degrees here today!

Nothing can beat the taste of a home-grown mango.

17 Sep, 2020


Those 106 and 103 we had- burned my lowland Ficus dammaropsis 2 of three leaves..but I believe it's really Ficus bruhii. Meaning,it will not take full hot sun like Ficus dammaropsis does. Might be more cold tender also. I'm going to give it my best shot- porch it for the winter.
Oh,and I had moved it out of hottest sun to be under my still got scorched. So now I know! It's a dappled sun Ficus or shade if in a hot low humidity summer climate
The two Ficus look so much alike.. I can't let myself fail on these still rare Ficus here in the bay area.
The Ficus auriculata everybody, is on cruise control..looks great. That's going to make future posts time.

17 Sep, 2020


Sorry to hear your Ficus was burned! I had a lot of plants burn over the last two months because of the heat. Today it was 98 degrees tomorrow 104 degrees. Here we go again!

30 Sep, 2020


We were still over 90f on Oct 3rd..just wild for the bay area with the 90's this year. Up to 106f in town.
Today, a more decent 78f or so...felt so cool compared to all that heat we had.
78f felt cool. Never thought that would ever feel that way.

7 Oct, 2020


The heat here has been relentless! I’m over it. It’s been from 97 to 104 degrees for 8 days here. By Thursday back to 80 degrees. Maybe even some showers by Saturday. Yay!

7 Oct, 2020



How’s the flowering on your mango tree? I think it’s going to be another bumper crop here in San Diego. The extremely dry and warm winter here is good for mango flowering. Some mango trees here flowered in December and January (like in South Florida)

6 Mar, 2021


I haven't seen any flowering stems so far. It looks like after lasts years heavy crop..a year of foliage and growth is it for this season.
Last year,it never had a single growth flush so I'm not shocked at this year being light.
Last year at this time we were having temperatures in the high 70's. This year..rain and mid 60's or less.

6 Mar, 2021


It’s probably a good thing it’s going to grow instead of put out tons of fruit like last year. Continually heavy crops may weaken the tree.

We had a cool day on Wednesday with rain, other than that it’s been mostly in the 70’s and low 80’s. I know before that rain came in we were at 2.88 inches of rain since October. Very, very dry this year.

6 Mar, 2021


I notice Coconut palm growing in socal is not a very rare thing now. I mean they look like Cabo or Canary island grown coconuts..that subtropical look of juuuuust a bit smaller than those in Fiji.
Wouldn't bother me..that's what many tropicals in California do and especially in the bay area. With so many people have small yards,who needs that plant to reach 50'?

7 Mar, 2021


I think many may be hybrids, but that wouldn’t bother me. The hybrids grow faster and look better and are hardier.

10 Mar, 2021


Speaking of local weathermen were warning how far behind we are in February? I wrote that March could bring real storms and snowpack. It's now raining and dark outside here in the bay area.
We came with in hours,maybe just one,of having a 10b winter with a single coldest night was 39f for the winter. So,mildest winter in Hayward ever? Maybe. Other winters lows were 35f post 2000,Andy..but more of them and a few 36's the same year. How you look at it.

10 Mar, 2021


The weather is definitely milder than ever. I see it getting much hotter in the coming years.

12 Mar, 2021


Sort off topic..but I had my White Sapote get a severe pruning Andy. Its drastic. A friend climbed up the small tree and I let him go to town reducing the top by 1/3. Later I will take more off the sides as they say in barbershops to get it to a rounded and much smaller canopy.
These are tree that you don't want large..fruit falling from high is splattered. Imagine ripest soft Persimmons falling 20' to the ground. So,a shorter tree will give far more fruit in great shape than a big tree.
It also will give the two Mangoes much more light over summer. Help the recover from last year. They look tired. Lucky that we had no freeze this year yet..they look worn out.

18 Mar, 2021


White Sapote trees grow fast and get large. It’ll probably grow back soon. The mango trees will really enjoy the hot sun.

19 Mar, 2021

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