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Spathodea campanulata - African Tulip Tree

Spathodea campanulata - African Tulip Tree (Spathodea campanulata - African Tulip Tree)

This beautiful African Tulip tree is located by the Carlsbad city center parking lot. Photo taken Sept 2, 2020

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Another stunning flowering tree the lovely red flowers against the deep green foliage.

4 Sep, 2020


Penny, yes it’s a spectacular tree! I’m hoping all the flowers don’t burn off of it during the extreme heatwave we’re expecting this week. Possibly 105 degree close to the beaches and an unbelievable 120 degrees further inland in San Diego! We’re expecting this dangerous heat starting tomorrow.

5 Sep, 2020



So glad you’re back on GOY! I know these trees flower during winter in Mexico.

I’ve seen this tree in full bloom here in winter, also. (Actually every month of the year here in San Diego. It depends on the cycle of the tree).

5 Sep, 2020


Fingers crossed it isn’t affected by the heatwave. It’s such a beautiful tree, Andy. I love the shape and colour.

5 Sep, 2020


So you ve got the heat wave coming again I recall all the trees and palms suffering great loses last year lets hope this year wont do as much damage this time especially with this tree .

5 Sep, 2020


Livermore to set a record at 112F today. Could be warmer. I think we will get to "only" 102f. Not the 103f in August.
I watered early.
You know Andy,I think we set a record this year with at least 7 summer nights of 68f or warmer. August was 63F alone. I remember many years ago 55f was the standard night all summer in the bay area. Even with the warming of the last 20 years August was averaging 58f.
Its only one way and up.
There have been years we skipped even one 70f morning low.
Wish I had more room to really put size on tropicals new here to grow.

6 Sep, 2020


Penny, last year was very hot and humid all summer and fall. This year wasn’t as bad until August, then the extreme heat hit.

7 Sep, 2020


I saw it was 106 degrees in Hayward (it was the same temp here). I saw San Francisco hit 100 degrees breaking the record for the date. Downtown San Diego hit 100 degrees, also! So many cities in San Diego County hit 109 - 115 degrees, though. Crazy weather!

7 Sep, 2020


A really great tree! With those sort of temps it's little wonder California is burning! :(

7 Sep, 2020


Yes I remember it well Andy at least this year then you did nt get the hot and humid weather until August.

7 Sep, 2020



Yes so many big fires burning throughout California! It’s horrible! The very hot weather is making it so much worse.

8 Sep, 2020


It was warm but not extremely hot and humid like last year. The ocean temps were consistently 76 - 82 degrees all summer; last year. The hottest the ocean temp got in August was 80 degrees which is still above normal. When the ocean temps stay warm it creates lots of heat and humidity.

8 Sep, 2020


Thats goodto know Andy I hope this year you dont get to much damage.
Reading on one site where scientists are a few years back they were discussing taking oil out of the earth creates the warming of the oceans.

8 Sep, 2020


106 was a scorcher. With two 103's also. Much cooler today and outside looks like Ambervision- those sunglasses in the 70's?,fog. But at least no scent of burnt charcoal.
Anyways the Spathodea is on the list to try. One of the very few flowering tropical trees that will flower in a pot.

9 Sep, 2020


We had 106, 108 and 104 degrees and yesterday was only 79 degrees! Lol! Today back to around 90 degrees. It feels very warm tonight! Ugh!

I grew a gorgeous African Tulip tree in Hayward. It bloomed beautifully! Unfortunately, it was planted by a downspout and died during an El Niño year. Whatever you do don’t plant it next to a downspout.

10 Sep, 2020


I forgot to comment on the smoke. I saw the photos of the smoke in San Francisco. It was very eerie!

10 Sep, 2020

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