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Alocasia and Coffee.


By Stan510

Alocasia and Coffee. (Alocasia portadora)

That Alocasia has returned from a near death by gophers.. I thought it was long gone. Last year it poked out of the ground and you can see the progression of leaves larger than the last in the photo.
Coffee plant? Has to "berry" close to making beans. It might bloom next year. Should..its almost as tall as my fence and five or six years old.

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Stan, awesome coffee tree and Alocasia!

I can’t grow Alocasia as well as in Hayward. The soil is better there, not as alkaline as in San Diego. When I lived in Hayward my Alocasia macrorhiza were huge 8 ft tall. You’re lucky to have good Hayward soil.

Your coffee tree is impressive! My tall coffee tree succumbed in the last drought (after 14 or 15 years in the ground). It did produce a lot of coffee and tons of seedlings under the tree during winter. My coffee seedling that popped up a few years ago (from where my coffee tree was planted) is growing pretty well. It should be a lot bigger, though.

8 Dec, 2020


As like Andy, Klahanie I've had them die from dry. First time it was a nice 2' plant growing indoors..went too dry just once. This one..has been a challenge to keep watered. Probably always will be. It seemed to grow more this year than most, so next year...wink. Lets hope.

9 Dec, 2020


The soil and water is better up there. My large coffee tree always had brown edges and tip on its leaves.

I’ll eventually put my small coffee tree in the ground. I’ll wait until I buy my new house, though.

9 Dec, 2020


A new house in San Diego? wow..livin the dream,Andy!

9 Dec, 2020


A new house to me. Lol!

10 Dec, 2020


Larger yard,with maybe a few large plants that you want to keep..and just open ground for your own touch. I know you know what plants by now not to waste time and space on and get the GOOD STUFF in..ha.
I just planted a 6' Trigona rubra in the front. By myself. Let me tell you it took all I had to drag it and lift it upright in the hole.
It was all root in the 18" pot and this year looked yellowish more than any other. With the new climate here..and seeing others in ground,I went for it.

10 Dec, 2020


No, smaller yard, unfortunately. I don’t have the energy for a big yard, anymore.

I have a tall E. trigona ‘rubra’ it’s almost 19 years old and is a few inches from the ceiling. It needs to be moved outside. I think it’s a pretty hardy plant as long as it’s in good-draining soil.

11 Dec, 2020



I’ve cut and planted the cuttings, also. I just stick them in the same pot and they grow. The leaves are red and the stems are pretty green because it doesn’t get much light. When it goes outside the stems should turn red in the sun.

I’m not moving anytime soon. Maybe next spring or summer. I’m taking my time.

11 Dec, 2020



Not sure if you’ve seen the segments on the commercial coffee plantings here in SD County. They’re growing the coffee trees between the avocado trees.

12 Mar, 2021


I heard of the guy in Santa Barbara doing that but didn't know its expanded. I remember that the thing about California coffee plants is they are in bloom,with green and ripe fruits all at the same time. Like my Sapote tree. Must be the cool nights all year.

14 Mar, 2021


Yes, it’s been probably 5 years or so.The coffee is very expensive, though.

19 Mar, 2021

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