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Papaya plant.


By Stan510

Papaya plant. (Carica papaya (Common Pawpaw))

I saw this and was sort of shocked..its a large Papaya that reached the peak of the tool shed..10 or 12' tall?
Plus,it looks grown,not imported Mine is still looking good,but in part just don't have room for it all.

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wow that is a big one.

23 Dec, 2020


That Seagirl,is something nobody ever saw in the bay area before 2000. Never. We are on the verge of having in my town the third December in a row of no frost or freeze. I think that's a first also.

23 Dec, 2020


Certainly warmer than in previous years. though having said that we have had a dusting of snow that then gave way to rain. it is hovering around freezing now at 21.30.

have a lovely Christmas.

24 Dec, 2020


Merry Christmas to and all the GOY people.
I happened to see one post I did. It's been five years now and it seems only yesterday I searched the internet for a new and different garden board...

24 Dec, 2020


Wow! That’s truly amazing! Do they have papayas?

I’m guessing there’s more than one?

Is it in Hayward?

25 Dec, 2020


Yep. Right across the street from a big tree Aloe.

25 Dec, 2020


Truly amazing!

26 Dec, 2020


The fruit will be delicious I’m guessing! It’s a fab specimen you’ve got there, Stan. One of many!

28 Dec, 2020


Thank you Kate!... but it is a fellow Haywardians plant. Still,this large Papaya is 21st century growing. I never saw one here in the SF bay area all these years until 2015. Now this.
Most of the change is milder winter nights..and some change from summers that are warmer. October was 80f or 27C on average..a first.

28 Dec, 2020


I’ve seen many large mountain and babaco papayas, but never a Mexican papaya that large there.

29 Dec, 2020


It looks home grown. The only other I saw a few years ago..I think was planted large. This one..its home grown and might be a Solo..faster growing. Plus,HD only sells the Solo in the nurseries. I need to try again with Solo. Mexican are slower,topping out at the 4-'5 mark when Solo is 10' tall. I saw that on a vid somebody in Phoenix put up and he said "Solo gets too tall,too fast. Mexican stays lower". Mine was near 4 years old and wasn't even 4'!

30 Dec, 2020


Have you seen this Bay Area papaya video?

30 Dec, 2020


I 've seen that. Its just the Hayward one is the second I've seen in person- ever. Large one.
Gragg? I know the guy. He's said somethings i don't agree with at all...even telling kids not to wear masks during covid..and his far right politics rubs me the wrong way.
I mean he even talked on one post of "People who like to plant weird plants in their front yard" said in a putdown way. I mean,the guy makes a living selling palms and exotics that most people in the bay area might look at as weird. I thought he would be the last guy to bash having oddball plants...

30 Dec, 2020


I like the palm and plant information he gives out on the videos. I do agree the politics should be left out.

I’ve purchased plants from him years ago and I remember him from the Palm Society.

30 Dec, 2020


Years ago he said "Those palm guys are a little strange"..and now he sells them. Back then he was only doing landscapes. Now he loves palm people!

30 Dec, 2020


That’s strange because he’s been involved with palms and the Palm Society since the 80’s.

30 Dec, 2020


I know!. But his main thing then was landscaping. His Vids on youtube didn't make me a fan. He was almost claiming to be first to know Mangoes grow in the bay area. I had a story of mine in fruit in 2007 in the SF Chronicle. I know you said you were growing one too back when.
I don't care that he tries to be an entertainer..but he goes places in his vids that he should never have gone..calling masks "police and denying him his rights" telling teens at the socal beaches to not wear masks..and of course even in this pandemic he wont wear a mask in his vids. Did you see the one where Darold Petty..kept backing up as Gary got into his space? Finally Darold- not a young guy, put a mask on. Gragg just went on..
btw Andy,after he posted that vid telling young people to not wear a mask at the beach? "Its safe" he said, weeks later that beach had a breakout of the virus.

30 Dec, 2020


I don't understand how there are still covid deniers when the death rates are so high. It makes me really angry. My youngest works as a temp meet and greeter in a large sofa store. The amount of verbal abuse she gets when she asks them to wear a mask is so depressing. Luckily she has 'broad shoulders' and doesn't take it to heart. Husband wants them to visit people ill with it. Apparently when I had the virus back in November he was really worried when I took to my bed. He hasn't said so to me but did say so to the girls.

and don't get me going on the anti vaccine brigade. Morons!
sorry rant over.
happy new year it must be a better one surely.

31 Dec, 2020


Eileen, I fully agree with your comments! I cannot for the life of me comprehend these ‘covidiots’ out there. Unfortunately, these are worst type of people - they deny everything about the virus and ignore the guidelines etc..yet, if they or one of their family members took ill with it - they’d be the first to shout out that the NHS were rubbish and the treatment poor etc. Always the same people!
Oh yes, the anti vaxxers too! Jeez, they probably think the earth is flat too!

1 Jan, 2021


I agree 100% on all.
All the medical experts only asked of people..was wear a mask. That's all. Like buckle your seat big deal.
One man..and we all know who....just was as bad as the disease at spreading it. History being unkind to him is all that will happen as his punishment, unfortunately.

1 Jan, 2021


Talking of flat earthers. They have a website that they say gives them 'Global recognition'. They clearly don't know what a globe is either!

My youngest works in a furniture store at St Andrews Quay, her job is to ask people to wear a mask, sanitise hands and keep socially distant. She gets an unwarranted amount of refusal and in some cases rudeness/abuse.

As you say Katie the very ones who will slag off the NHS when they need it and cant access it. She also came across fake redemption certificates. People certainly lack common sense.

1 Jan, 2021


Jeez. It certainly proves a point doesn’t it Eileen! It’s obvious why they are a minority number thankfully! I read they believe there’s a VERY tall wall of thick ice around the edge of the earth!
I think it’s absolutely dreadful the position your daughter has been put in by these people and their ignorance. I’d say it’s lack of intelligence on their part, but, you hear of supposed learned people being non believers! I know of someone who thinks the virus is a con. She thinks this ‘New World Order’ group want to take over and plan to put the teeny tiniest microchip in the vaccine! Jeez...some imagination.

1 Jan, 2021


I did see the Darold Petty video. I’ve know Darold petty for 35 years. I agree very much the political comments should not be in the videos. I’ve had so many dealings (altercations) with people not wearing masks. It’s not funny. If people would’ve listened earlier we wouldn’t be getting 4 k plus cases a day in SD!

2 Jan, 2021


The guy over compensates. Its like heavy handed in his vids.

2 Jan, 2021

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