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Archontophoenix alexadrae - Alexander Palm

Archontophoenix alexadrae - Alexander Palm

My poor Alexander Palm and Ficus religiosa was battered by the horrible gale winds last week. Photo taken January 25, 2021.

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Sorry about your plants Delonix. We had a snow storm at Christmas which uprooted our 3 big leyland cypresses and they destroyed part of my garden. It was devastating (for me)
I have a blog about it.
I hope your plants recover.

4 Feb, 2021


OMG! I’m so sorry to hear about your Leyland Cypresses! :>((

It’s a horrible feeling to see favorite trees/plants destroyed.

5 Feb, 2021


I had my Podocarpus was growing into my King palms. What's funny can see how the King Palms have grown a little flat on one side where now light and room to grow is.
I need to take a pic.
Klahanie..I know. I've lost great plants to nature also. What might help is to replant new Cypress asap.

6 Mar, 2021


Stan, now it’ll even out and probably grow faster.

6 Mar, 2021


Hi , I am thinking about replacing these trees but will have to think about cypresses. I will also have to replace trees and plants they damaged. I wish I could grow some of yours.

7 Mar, 2021


That’s the big problem when large trees come down, they destroy everything below.

10 Mar, 2021


If you ever get seeds from the Alex palm...
I like that the fronds never look wind tattered like King/Bangalows do.

14 Mar, 2021


It flowered and developed seed about 4 years ago and the seeds were not viable. I’m not sure why.

18 Mar, 2021

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