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Moss flowers emerging


By Kate123

Moss flowers emerging (Moss)

Moss scattered on a rock on the rockery area, shooting some tiny ‘moss flower stalks’ up. ( I think )

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Thanks Paul and hi!
No, it just appears there every year, on this rock! I just let it grow. Must be the right environment. ☺️

24 Feb, 2021


they are seed capsules Kate. They don't produce a flower. Very simple plants.

24 Feb, 2021


Thanks Paul!
I did wonder, Eileen. I mentioned to OH and he said flowers and I thought seeds..
Thanks again.

24 Feb, 2021


Small is beautiful!

24 Feb, 2021


I am pleased I have seen these Kate as I have this growing in a crack on the paving!

25 Feb, 2021


That’s interesting, I always wondered what the moss was producing. Thanks!

25 Feb, 2021


Now this where Moss should be . . . rather than in my lawn . . . :o((

26 Feb, 2021


Is this Irish Moss Kate? They have tiny white flowers that look like snow. I know I can't stop thinking about snow. That's all that happens here lately. lol!

27 Feb, 2021


Have to agree, moss does look nice on a structure like a rock or over the edge of a wall..
Paul, I’m guessing it’s just naturalised moss in the garden, I’m sure it’s just simple moss that’s spread a little due to the environment and weather here in the garden. It seems to die off in the warmer months and as soon as it’s damp and cool, it revives!
I’m not surprised you have snow on the brain at the moment! It’s all around you isn’t it! Before you know it, it will have melted and the temperature will be start to soar!

28 Feb, 2021


I love moss too, when it is in the right place like this.

2 Mar, 2021


Thanks Josee, I think we all have the same favourable place for moss to grow. ☺️

2 Mar, 2021


Paul, what you call Irish moss is Sagina subulata, which does have proper white flowers.

Irish moss is also a name for a common seaweed Chondrus crispus, another common name is carrageen moss. It is a species of red algae which grows abundantly along the rocky parts of the Atlantic coast of Europe and North America.

So confusing when common names mean different things in different parts of the world.

Irish moss is also a common name for Sphagnum moss.

also technically they are spore capsules not seeds, when I typed seeds I knew they weren't but couldn't for the life of me think what the correct term was.

3 Mar, 2021


Thanks Eileen for the clarification. I agree - so many different names can be confusing. But as I say, as long as I understand you and you understand me, we are good! Too bad Irish moss is too tender for my climate. I'd love a carpet to walk in in bare feet. Very attractive specimen Kate.

6 Mar, 2021


Thank you, Paul. I wish I had more! It’s just pure chance.

8 Mar, 2021

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