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A few hours' catch in a yogurt pot with holes in the side, baited with a bit of raw meat, our dog's food. No a great photo, sorry. Leeches are 10-12mm when swimming but curl into a 3mm ball when disturbed. Light brown in colour, flattish body. On a flat surface they wriggle along.

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Yep leeches, I have some in our pond. I think they are Helobdella stagnalis.
They tend to feed on freshwater snails, Chironomid larvae [bloodworms], and proper worms [annelids].

16 May, 2021


Its the one creature I can't deal with, they give me the horrors! We had a sinkful once when trying to wash some pondweed and they started climbing up onto the draining board. What are you going to do with yours now you've caught them?

16 May, 2021


Good morning Yorkslass,

They aren’t great are they? Not sure what would be the best thing to do with them. What did you do with yours?


17 May, 2021

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