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First new flush since September 2019?


By Stan510

First new flush since September 2019? (Mangifera indica (Mango))

All of 2020 it just fruited. Never made a single new leaf. Alternate bearing is not uncommon I guess. Especially of a plant like this so marginal here..really cutting it close to existing.
Same story for my other smaller Mango..Ataulfo that bore fruit at 5' and never grew a single new leaf. It too is sending out new leaves.
Just want to mention that May has been very cool and windy and today was a not good 15C or so and that was a high..most of the day its been cooler.

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which fruit tree is it? you didn't say ;o)

18 May, 2021


Some of us just don't do multitasking!

18 May, 2021


Yes its a Mango tree. Last year it had lots of full sized sweet Manila Mangoes on it. Those bare stems up high are the leftover panicles from last spring still hanging on a year later.
I will take a guess that this plant can one day reach a modest 20'. Its well over half that already. But that's taken 9 years to do that from a small plant. Really,it was just gallon sized plant then.
I've tried and now given up on Papayas and tropical Guava's as either not sweet enough or too much water. We always have the subtropical Citrus and Avocados that grow perfectly here. Cherimoya I might try again when the drought ends and I hope that next winter it rains.

18 May, 2021


Great news! I just realized- I can see photos need to open a new tab like before. No more broken link icon.
I,a couple of weeks ago downloaded a program to look for bad guys on the PC..and I think it got whatever was on my PC.
A few more things that were wonky on my PC was cleared up also.

18 May, 2021


Your mango tree looks very good. The mango trees here all flushing growth for the second or third time and mine hasn’t yet.

The mango expert growers say you should always remove the old flower panicles because disease can set in very easily.

I can’t imagine you can’t get tropical guavas to fruit there. I had tons of very sweet fruit when I lived there in Hayward. There’s so many tropical guava trees there, also. My Aunt who lives very close to you has two big guava trees which produce very sweet fruit.

19 May, 2021


I hand water and probably don't really have the right spot. Its either too hot( close to a white wall) or too shady for them. Only Mango has worked out as hoped.
The small yellow Guavas are good..but I wouldn't say very sweet. Another problem with them is even as they get bigger? They don't get any less thirsty. Water every couple of days in summer or they will drop leaves and fruit.

19 May, 2021


It’s funny I hardly water my guava tree. I give the guavas away and everyone loves them.

Maybe you’ll get a lot of growth from your mango tree this year (without mangoes). Next year maybe another bumper crop.

19 May, 2021


Plants can be hard to figure. Those are the tips of Celadine Plumeria. But some Plumeria I grew from Florida plants cuttings,are starting to grow real leaves and overall are much faster than Celadine.
But! Celdine survives all our winters since 1998. As far as I know the cuttings will bloom red. One day.

19 May, 2021


Very true, I stopped trying to figure out plants. I just let them grow. 😂

Red Plumerias need a tremendous amount of heat to bloom well. The best ones for the Bay Area are the tricolor flowers, Samoan Fluff and of course Celadine.

20 May, 2021

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