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Lychee chinensis - Lychee or Litchi Tree

Lychee chinensis - Lychee or Litchi Tree

This little lychee tree thinks it’s still summer. It’s been very warm to hot here in San Diego, Ca. It’s just started turning cooler here over the last few days. Photo taken Dec. 12, 2021.

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Nice looking little tree! 😃

21 Dec, 2021


Yes, it’s doing very well.

21 Dec, 2021


They were calling for some deep cold days ago. Looks like they have backed off that. Might stay 10b at 35f for the coldest night.
We had a ton of rain on Christmas, Andy and all. It rained hard all day and night. Warm house,lots of rain and Christmas presents..can't get better than that! the food-wink.

26 Dec, 2021


I see that Coronado might stay above 52F... That might be the warmest low of any California city all winter.

26 Dec, 2021


Coronado Island is one of only very few cities in California (or the continental US) which has never recorded a freezing temp. I think Key West City is another.

27 Dec, 2021


It’s been pretty chilly here that last couple of days, only in the 50’s.

27 Dec, 2021


They changed the forecast. Now we wont get close to a freeze until New Years day and the 2nd. We will see.
Nice Lychee. Somebody in deep south Texas near the Rio Grande Valley posted their Lychee that looked so much like yours. Size and the both in flush.

28 Dec, 2021


I see only 37 degrees forecasted for tomorrow morning’s low and then back into the mid-40’s for lows. That’s not too bad.

1 Jan, 2022


Cold- but at 35f,no damage. I am still in the run for a 10b winter. It would be nice to skip frost this year AND get plenty of snow in the mountains.
Happy New Year all!

1 Jan, 2022


I saw it was forecasted to be around 33 degrees there on Sunday. Did it get down to around freezing there? My mom said she got frost for two mornings, and she’s probably a few miles from where you live.

5 Jan, 2022


We got frost here as well this morning! We are forecast more frost tomorrow. Then back to a few days of slightly warmer weather with some rain showers before turning colder again!

With 16C on New Year's Day we broke a new record for December in the UK! More than double the average temps for this time of the year!!! 😱

Climate change? Global warming? Not a fluke as each year during this present century we have had more & more warmer winters. The first frosts are coming later & later & we are having less frosty nights during the winters. I think last night's frost was only the 3rd or 4th of this winter so far! We used to get frosts almost every day during the winters when I was a boy living in London.

5 Jan, 2022



I do really think climate change is real. We’re getting warmer and warmer every year here in San Diego. We get a lot more days in the 80’s and even 90’s here in winter, than normal.

I saw a YouTube video of a huge avocado tree with hundreds of avocados on it, in south London. That was amazing! I know most avocado varieties take from 7 to 10 months to ripen, also. The avocado tree looked as healthy as the trees here. And San Diego County is the avocado capital of the U.S.

Here’s the link:

5 Jan, 2022


The third night of 35f nipped soft leaves that were still growing on some plants. Plants that burn at 32f were mostly ok. Wigandia is still all green. Since I can't get the Tennyson stats for month,best I could do is HAYX and 35's,37f.
I would have hoped we could get by 100%...what can you do? At least my backyard plants had no damage at all. It was 10b while whole the front looks a bit 10A-....

5 Jan, 2022


Thanks for the link to the video, I was most surprised to see such a big tree & with so many fruits on it! 😱

6 Jan, 2022


My Plumeria are still in leaf. None of the green Mango leafs are burned. Everything that was in growth and soft tipped were the places that melted.
There is an article in SF Gate about "The largest Avocado tree in Northern California" and its in San Francisco. Its not of course,I've seen larger.

6 Jan, 2022



At least the cold weather only lasted a few days. I see the forecasted lows are mid-to-upper 40’s for a while. That’s actually pretty mild.

6 Jan, 2022


I saw briefly the pic of the avocado tree in SF. It didn’t look too large. Yes, I know of thousands of humongous avocado trees in the SF Bay Area. I know Hayward has so many very large, old trees probably planted in the 1920’s around those old properties close to the San Mateo Bridge.

6 Jan, 2022


I passed one today Andy on Russ Road. If I was alone I would have taken a pic because it was not only larger but had a super dense crown of foliage- no gaps anywhere.

That cold streak? Hit the Mangoes hardest so far. That's what happens when its 73F on Dec first and after a very warm November before that.
No extreme losses...they just don't look nice. ha.

8 Jan, 2022


Yes, so many beautiful avocado trees there in Hayward.

The mango trees will come back strong in a few months. Maybe the cold weather will stimulate a good bloom.

It’s 72 degrees here as I write this comment. It’s forecasted to be 78 degrees here by Tuesday.

9 Jan, 2022


WU says 66f right now in Hayward at 1:21. I have to shake my head that one hour of real cold on the 1st set me back a little ways. Instead of going into spring with normal growth,the plants affected have to muster new shoots and then leaves.
One hour from a 10b winter.

11 Jan, 2022


I see it’s going to warm and dry for the next 10 days. That’s good news.

20 Jan, 2022


That other Mango in Tennyson is fine. His is planted between a Lemon tree and a tool shed. I only lost leaves..they will grow back.
I picked a white Guava today-lol,Never knew it was there all winter.

27 Jan, 2022


That’s good news. It takes a lot of cold to knock them down when they get bigger.

My mango tree is putting out new growth. I have a bunch of seedling putting out new growth over the last 3 week. I just noticed a new seedling coming up today. They’re against a south wall.

30 Jan, 2022

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