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Aloe Moonglow.


By Stan510

Aloe Moonglow.

Not near peak bloom,but Its warm today and I couldn't wait. The hills have turned green in the middle of the rainy season.

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Gorgeous!!!!! Love the colour, Stan.

22 Jan, 2022


It's a very vigorous Aloe..making large offsets. I got lucky finding it at Home Depot years ago.

23 Jan, 2022


All one plant? Wow.

24 Jan, 2022


It looks great!

26 Jan, 2022


Its a fave. I was just lucky to find it at Home Depot years ago.

27 Jan, 2022


It was a good investment. It’s a large plant now.

I noticed the Hayward hills are nice and green.

30 Jan, 2022


I was out spraying weeds. Most of property is cemented over or covered in asphalt. Just no way to get rid of weeds by pulling or cutting. Since I used all I had..I might try vinegar. Anybody find that vinegar is a real weed killer?

31 Jan, 2022


I pulled and hoed the weeds recently. Since we’ve had no rain none are growing back.

I know vinegar in small quantity will acidify the soil.

3 Feb, 2022


Those hills so green? Already show a brown blush as no rain in a full months time has passed and now near record warmth is getting here. Los Angeles is putting out a high heat warning for Sunday's Super Bowl near 90f. Here a more modest 75f and that might be a record.

9 Feb, 2022


I know about the heat. It’s 87 degrees here at 2:37 pm.(as I write this comment) Tomorrow even hotter maybe lower 90’s?

9 Feb, 2022


Downtown San Diego broke the high temp record at 11:30 am. It was 80 degrees here at 9:30 am.

9 Feb, 2022


I saw that San Diego at 90f had the hottest February day ever. We were in a very nice upper 70's. Same today. Next week back to the 60's. Its looks like it's going be until the very last days of Feb. before we see more rain.
I have a few things to plant soon. Always cost less to plant them than keep in pots.

13 Feb, 2022


Yes, we had temps all around SD County 86 to 93 degrees for 7 days. 91 degrees was the all-time record high for downtown last Saturday.

Other parts of SD have had temp to 100 degrees in the past. I remember it was in 2002.

My mango tree is flowering for the firs time. It’s been in the ground for two years, but it’s 5 years old now.

19 Feb, 2022


That Aloe, Ster, is a clump. Not one plant. This plant is unusual because offsets are large..not small things you would call pups.

25 Feb, 2022



Is the unusually cold weather affecting your plants?

I saw the morning low was 34 degrees in Hayward. That’s really cold for Hayward. The morning low here was 39 degrees. That’s very cold for this time of year. But, by early next week low 80’s will return to San Diego. Yay!

25 Feb, 2022


34,35 and up. Not as bad as Jan1st was. No frost damage this time. Brugmansia are fine. Wigandia are fine. They are usually the first plants to burn in a frost. But I tell you- the outer bay area and into the central valley have seen 26-32f every morning for at least four straight days and that's got to be hard on the topicals there.
This morning is supposed be the last of the 30's.When you get 80f,it will be 70f here. I will take that with sunny weather.

25 Feb, 2022


It was 83 degrees here today. Some San Diego County cities were up to 88 degrees. It’s going to cool down on Friday.

2 Mar, 2022


72F. Now we go cool and hope for rains on Friday. But after that its 65f and no rains foreseen.

2 Mar, 2022


It was 86 degrees here on Wednesday. Early this morning thunderstorms and very heavy rain. We got almost an inch of rain overnight and expecting more rain later today. It’s good news, we need the rain.

4 Mar, 2022


Ok I was wrong really fast-ha. It rained the last couple of nights..not steady but a quarter inch and that's a good soaking especially where it runs off gutterless roofs. That means my Wigandia and Iochroma are saved from that 40 plus day rain drought.
In between cold days,rain days,I've tried to go over the weeds,planted some wildflower seeds. I haven't done that for years.
Already March. Time is now rocketing forward on me.

5 Mar, 2022


At least you got some rain. Every little bit helps.

I heard you had very strong winds yesterday. My mom said the winds were crazy in Hayward yesterday. Today we had the crazy winds here. Ugh!

6 Mar, 2022


Hoping your weather improved for you, it'd be good if you both had a good old downpour of heavy rain for your plants!

6 Mar, 2022


Its spring like here Kate..very cool mornings turning into sunny but mild days. 18-20C is for the next week.
Not much to do right now but prune. Or take pictures-ha.

6 Mar, 2022


It’s been very nice and warm here, too. By this weekend really warm temps return.

10 Mar, 2022

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