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Mango Inflorescence

Mango Inflorescence

My 5 year old 8 ft mango tree which has been in the ground for a little more than two years is flowering for the first time. It has flower spikes on every branch tip. This inflorescence is the only one with a mixed bloom (leaves and flower buds). Photo taken February 26, 2022.

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Mine were set back by the two cold periods. I don't think I lost more than tips and old leaves. Just waiting for summer.
I can see though how much faster they would be in a never frost climate because all through December they looked great..sending out new leaves.
The Mango on Tennyson is fine..he never lost a leaf.

2 Mar, 2022


When warm weather returns it should come back strong.Your trees are well-established now. Let’s hope for a hot summer!

I saw some videos from some mango orchards which sustained very heavy damage in their late January freeze. It was most in southwest Florida. Southeastern Florida seemed to only have minor damage.

We had some cold weather for a few days last week. I think one early mornings was 38 degrees, which is very rare for this time of year in an urban area. Luckily, it wasn’t for but maybe an hour. None of the tenderest plants were fazed. I was a little concerned about my monkey pod or rain tree. It hates temps below 45 degrees!

2 Mar, 2022


Lets hope you get some fruit this year then!

6 Mar, 2022


Most but not all of what burnt on Jan the 2nd I guess it was,has already fallen off the tree. So my tree's look a little thin, but the burn and melt should cause it to have a thicker canopy when warm returns. Silver lining.
I can see though how in SD with z10b and warm how much faster they can grow. Like i said,until New Years it was in growth. That growth would be looking good by now-lol. Oh well.

7 Mar, 2022


Hey Stan,

How’s your mango tree doing? My mango tree is growing like crazy! It’s been pretty hot and muggy for the last 3 weeks. I cut a foot off the top of my mango and now it has 5 new branches.

12 Jul, 2022


I pruned off the left trunk of the taller Manila as it was a twin trunk but the vertical trunk Andy looks near perfect now with the very low and curved wide second trunk gone. I could imagine it splitting in wind and with fruit and killing the whole tree. It was at least a 4" wide trunk.
The vertical trunk makes for a proper small tree. Both have been flushing ( also the Ataulfo) but no flower buds. Maybe next year they both get back on track.

14 Jul, 2022


Been watching Laura Eubanks on Youtube. Her home base is San Diego and she's done a couple of La Mesa houses in mostly succulent and some cacti. Looks like a plenty warm climate.
On the palmboard a Oakland guy in the hills facing south ( never a freeze,ave low in winter is 50f he said) planted Coconuts and they are still alive. That has to be the greatest zone pushing ever!.
Pandanus for me looking well..greener buy the day.

14 Jul, 2022



I just noticed these comments. I’ll have to check out your newest posts.

The climates around California are definitely getting warmer. Soon there will be more coconuts growing in SD.

28 Jul, 2022


Are you getting much rain from the monsoons? We might get thunderstorms tonight the weather gal said. I hope..could use a break with a good soaking.

31 Jul, 2022


No rain here. It’s been partly cloudy, hot and humid.

31 Jul, 2022


We had enough to put the windshield wipers on. I doubt it was enough even for the Tillandsias' to get a good soaking as it was a short lived rain.
Congrats on the Mango flower Andy..nice job so fast. It took five years for my seedling Ataulfo to flower and that another for it to set fruit. Hard to believe its going on 8 years now?? 7,8,years.Both too long!

2 Aug, 2022


I heard you had some rain there. It’s been raining in parts of SD County. No rain here.

This mango tree took 5 years to flower, also. It’s been in the ground 3 years now. It has lots of growth everywhere. I need to keep it pretty small because there’s no room for a big tree. It’s probably 8 ft again (after cutting it back).

2 Aug, 2022

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