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Balcony with freezing fog 11th December 2022 001


By Balcony

Balcony with freezing fog 11th December 2022 001

Balcony with freezing fog 11th December 2022 001

This one was taken in the morning, about 8.30am

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lovely little job done , certainly bleak and cold day

11 Dec, 2022


Freezing fog - hateful stuff.

12 Dec, 2022


As if freezing fog weren't enough today we have snow! 😂

12 Dec, 2022


I hope it didn't snow too much - we have sunshine today but it's still pretty chilly!

14 Dec, 2022


How Horrible! It looks very cold!

I won’t complain about the below normal temps we’ve had here in San Diego, California for the last 5 days.

Try to stay warm, Balcony.

15 Dec, 2022


Thanks, Delonix! I'm keeping warm but I can't say the same for all the plants I had outside on the balcony as they have all frozen solid - literally!

15 Dec, 2022


OMG!!! How awful! I’m so sorry to hear that!
I hope it warms up for you soon!

At least it’s warmed up here, finally! By Christmas we should have a temp around 80f (or 27c) here.

17 Dec, 2022


Your wishes have come true as starting yesterday afternoon the temps started to creep up & last night was the first frost free night in at least 10 days! Today the temps have reached 12/13C!!!

The rise in temps has let me get rid of all the frosted plants - the majority of my plants! 😢 Next year I will have to start afresh!

19 Dec, 2022


I’m so glad it’s warmed up for you! Sorry to hear you have to start over with your plants, though!

19 Dec, 2022


Fortunately I have some plants indoors & some that have survived in the mini-greenhouse - so not all is lost!

21 Dec, 2022


Oh that’s great! At least you have some plants for spring.

Happy Winter Solstice! It just became winter officially a few minutes ago. It’s 72 degrees (23 c) outside here right now.

21 Dec, 2022


How we'd love to have those sort of temps here! We had only about 8C on the 21st!

23 Dec, 2022


That’s very cold for the daytime.

23 Dec, 2022


Actually that's not a bad temp here at this time of the year!

Today we got up to 11C but that's a couple of degrees higher than yesterday & what we are forecast for tomorrow as well!

We have had rain showers on & off most of the day but Boxing Day (Dec 26th) was a glorious sunny day from beginning to end! But it was cold!

28 Dec, 2022


I’m glad it’s warming up a little for you. Sunny is good you can do some gardening.

It was 85 degrees (29 c) here on Christmas Day and one degree cooler the next day (your Boxing Day). It rained very good last night. We are so happy to see the rain! The drought here has been so severe the last three years. So many reservoirs are at record low levels or completely dried up!

29 Dec, 2022


Well I'm glad to hear you have had some much needed rain over there! Today has been very sunny but with a cold wind. Tomorrow we are forecast rain once again.

29 Dec, 2022


It was cloudy all day here. We may get a few light showers tonight. I’m tired of the sunny weather here. It’s almost always sunny and warm to hot here. I’m welcoming the clouds and rain. 😎

30 Dec, 2022


I can imagine how you feel. In Spain we'd have weeks & weeks of sunshine, especially in the winter. Every day without any change at all becomes very boring! 😑

30 Dec, 2022


I don’t mind it from spring - fall, because it’s just the weather here. But, I want rain, it’s been so dry and I’m constantly watering plants (almost everyday). I watered all the plants on Christmas Day because it was so hot.

31 Dec, 2022


At least your plants got their Christmas present! 👍😂

3 Jan, 2023


Yes, we’re getting our Christmas present now in California. Lots of rain in the last 4 or 5 days. Major flooding in Northern California. Another “Pineapple Express” (or Atmospheric River) is heading to California starting tomorrow through Friday.

3 Jan, 2023


Did the "Pineapple Express" deliver? We are having days of rain showers on & off but no continuos rain really. Just yesterday though my wife & I saw from the bus windows that our local river was on the point of jumping its banks! Not seen that for a year or two!

Even if it were to jump its banks in the coming days it wouldn't be a worry as there are plenty of fields on one side of the river for it to expand & flood. I've seen an awful lot worse over the 20 years we've lived here.

I think the worst year I can remember was in the late winter of 2010 when we had tons more snow during December 2019 & January 2010 than what is normally seen in the UK.Then we had tremendous amounts of rain which washed the snow away which of course lead to flooding.

I had to cross a pedestrian bridge twice daily going & coming from work & I tell you the sheer amount of water in the river had me frightened! Needlessly I had no need to worry as the bridge took it all in its stride & not a crack could be seen on the bridge.

6 Jan, 2023

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