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The side of my yard

The side of my yard

Crossandras, Persian shield, pink variegated impatiens, begonia, Pachystachys, and more.

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16 Sep, 2008


Very colourful.
I really like that purply leaf that's growing around the tree.
What is it called ?

16 Sep, 2008


The colours are Electric, they just jump right out at you..

16 Sep, 2008


Thank you all for the comments. I like a lot of variegated plants.

The plant in the middle of the picture I forgot to mention is a young
"Solo" Papaya tree. I have large bearing papaya plants in my backyard.

17 Sep, 2008



18 Sep, 2008


Thank you! Some of these plants have been in the ground for 4 years.
with the exception of the 'Solo' papaya which I just planted a month ago.

18 Sep, 2008


Love your color scheme ! Persian shield is one of my favorites, said to be the only plant in the world with that type of metalic coloring.Looks like it will get quite large when left in the ground year round, I have to treat it as an annual here.

11 Oct, 2008


Yes, this plant is two years old...however, it is not a long-lived plant maybe 3 or 4 years and they need to replaced. I just take cuttings and replant others.

12 Oct, 2008


What a great view... lovely!
I like the purple ones.. persian shields??

7 Mar, 2009



Yes, purple plant is Strobilanthes deyerianus - Persian Shield.

My Papaya 'solo' in this photo was eaten by sow bugs and collapsed about a week ago. : > (

8 Mar, 2009


awww.... my suggesiton is grow it from the seeds (2 or 3 in a plastic bag covered with 1 cm of ground compost) until they grow to 3 or 5cm high, then you move the strongers to a clean area... the proximity to other plants allow the sow bugs to find the papaya softy leaves and branches.
I'm not a gardener but helped my grandma with her fruits and veggies garden, during my childhood.

9 Mar, 2009



Thanks for the suggestion!

I actually just painted all my papaya tree trunks white this past weekend.
This will prevent the sow bugs from eating the trunk.

10 Mar, 2009


wow Andy. Thats a showstopper display. What is the twisty old trunk?

10 Sep, 2016



I just saw you posted comment from six years ago. Lol

The old trunk was a pyracantha. All these plants are long gone. I took the Pachystachys, Crossandra, out because the snails ate all the leaves on these plants, constantly. It’s funny now my yard has absolutely no 🐌 snails.

6 Dec, 2022


Times change. For me, Possums ate all the mollusks. Its cats for gophers- some of them- and the wild possums for crawly creatures.

7 Dec, 2022


Yes, now only wild Thunbergia blushing susan and some Ixora, and Acalypha is there now. I’m going to take pretty much everything out.

8 Dec, 2022

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