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Tortoises x 3

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awww id love one of these. welcome to GOY

18 Sep, 2008


I like this tortoise trio.
Do they have names?
Are they related?
How old are they?
What's their favourite food?

I've put this pic. on my favourites.
Goes well with the GoY footwear and the parrots!

18 Sep, 2008


Thank you all for the lovely welcome and comments regarding the photos.

The tortoises are Josie (80-100 years), Jubilee (40-50) and Little 'Un (probably under 10). They have the run of the garden and eat lots of weeds in the lawn (very useful) as well as a number of plants (evening primrose flowers, hibiscus flowers etc). Unfortunately it is nearly time for the two biggest to hiberate but Little 'Un is not big enough to sleep through the cold weather yet so my dining room will be converted to a den and we will balance our meals on our knees!

There is obviously some sort of gene among the normal grey squirrels in our local woods as the white ones crop up periodically.

I will be putting another photo on soon, a houseplant that I cannot identify! I hope someone will be able to help.

19 Sep, 2008


Love your tortoises. Their age baffles me somewhat. How long have you had them and where did they come from? I think they make lovely pets but you do'nt see them for sale these days.

7 Oct, 2008


Hi Sadie - thank you for your interest in my lovely trio of tortoises. I have had Jubilee, centre, since 1977 (hence the name Jubilee) and she was bought for £2.50 from a local pet shop. Josie, the largest, probably arrived in this country around the same time. She was passed to me when her previous owner died and the family could not care for her. They are all mediterranean spur-thighed tortoises and probably originated from North Africa, Greece or Turkey. Little 'Un was probably born over here as imports were banned in 1984. His age is just a guess, comparing him with others whose age is known. He has not been well cared for in his early life. His shell is lumpy which indicates that he has been fed incorrectly. You can still purchase captive bred tortoises but taking one on is a very long term commitment.

7 Oct, 2008


Thanks for the information. The reason I asked is our grandson aged 10 has just lost his hamster which he has had for less than two years and was heartbroken. Perhaps a pet that lives longer would be the answer.

7 Oct, 2008


Hi Sadie - I wouldn't recommend a tortoise as a child's pet - we always had guinea pigs or rabbits when my children were young. The guinea pigs were very active, very amusing and easy to handle. A rabbit could be the same if obtained young enough and handled enough. My grandchildren have rats and they make good pets too. A baby captive bred tortoise can cost as much as £150 and then you need to provide all-year round housing until they are old enough to go outside. If you did manage to obtain a larger tortoise, then it hibernates for the winter and the child is petless again for 12 weeks or so!! It all works out quite expensive. There are several sites on the web which gives good information, Tortoise Trust and The Tortoise Lady. Have a look at them.

Best wishes

7 Oct, 2008


Thanks for your advice

11 Oct, 2008


wow arent they cute, one of my friends and also one of my hair clients has one, live a long time dont they

30 Sep, 2009

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