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Coccoloba uvifera - Sea Grape

Coccoloba uvifera - Sea Grape (Coccoloba uvifera - Sea Grape)

A peacock with a sea grape...what a combination! I had another San Diego Zoo excursion today to get some exercise and took more plant pictures. I will be posting several of them tonight.

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Peacocks fly around the zoo everywhere...they're pretty to look at but I wouldn't want them in my neighborhood.

Peacock have become wild in some part of California and drive people nuts with their screeching calls.

29 Oct, 2008


Beautiful bird.
Even my little budgie can be very loud, so not difficult to guess what volumes a bigger bird can reach. ! :o)

29 Oct, 2008


Yes, they have beautiful plummage but their do cry just like a human child and very loudly....

29 Oct, 2008



Have peacocks become wild in your area of Az? I know that some parts of the United States they have become of Cal. is one state.

29 Oct, 2008


We have them this far north in Washington state too.....

29 Oct, 2008


I've just read they are pretty common in many states...especially the Southern States.

Catfinch, I feel sorry for you if you have them in your neighborhood...these birds make a piercing screeching sound at night. It is absolutely horrible!

I'm glad I don't have any peacocks in my neighborhood...the crows, and parrots are noisy enough.

30 Oct, 2008


There's a crow's nest in a very tall tree behind my garden. You're right that type of bird can be VERY noisy.
Do you have any photos of your neighbourhood parrots, please?

30 Oct, 2008


These parrots usually fly over the house and I can hear their squawking. My neighbors across the street from cut down their 10 old 130 foot Eucalyptus trees this year...and we don't have as many birds around as we used to have. We used to have these beautiful red-tailed Mexican parrots which were absolutely gorgeous. They were loud and very large parrots (they looked like Macaws) that used roost in my Jacaranda tree, however, I don't see them any more...I know they used to fight with the Swallows. It was very interesting watching these parrots attack the Swallows.

The parrot that have naturalized in San Diego are the common green parrots...I'm not sure what they are called though. They usually live in large Eucalyptus trees or large Canary Island Palms.
Sometimes they fly onto the power lines.
I hear them almost everyday though...usually a flock of around 35 parrots.

30 Oct, 2008


Thanks for that reply.
Interesting to know which parrots are around your home. I guess the larger parrots have moved off to an area with more tall trees.

30 Oct, 2008


I don't have any in town where I live but they are out where my horse is a ways off so is not really too much of a bother...

30 Oct, 2008



You are lucky they're not close to your house...the screeching would keep you up at night.

1 Nov, 2008


I did not realize that there were parrots in the San Diego area..first I havr heard of it...very cool..I have not that far south in Califonia.

2 Nov, 2008



There has been articles written in Sunset Magazine about the wild parrots in San Diego. You may be able to find them on the internet.

There is a very large population of parrot living in Point Loma, San Deigo.
These parrots live in the large Canary Island Palms.(I've seen many of these parrots) The flocks living further inland live in large Eucalyptus tree groves.

Also, when my father lived in Pasadena, CA...flocks of parrots used to fly over his house everyday and go to the Los Angeles Zoo eat and fly back into the San Gabriel Mountains. Obvious these birds were pets that have escaped, because I don't know of any native parrots to California that aren't extinct or have retreated to Mexico many years ago.

Another interesting parrot note: In the East Bay of The San Francisco Bay Area, there used to be wild Macaws in the Mission San Jose District of Fremont. I lived in that area years ago.

San Diego wild parrot chronicles:

2 Nov, 2008


Love this shot - we have peacocks and peahens that roam wild out here along the flats (they were left here after an animal farm closed down). Sometimes we have to stop the car when travelling along the road down on the flat just to let them cross. Have to get a photo of them one of these days!

8 Feb, 2009



That would nice to see a photos of the wild peacocks.

8 Feb, 2009

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