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Fritillaria kotschyana 'Craigton Max'

Fritillaria kotschyana 'Craigton Max'

This is a super, large flower Frit. It originates from the mountains of norther Iran and does not like getting wet in summer, hence it is best grown in a deep pot.

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Do you mean the roots mustn't sit in wet ?

26 Mar, 2009


In its natural location it does not get any rain in summer. The ground is baked hard and dry. Once the foliage had died down I stop watering and let the pot, and bulbs, dry out completely. I empty the pot out in, say, June, and replant into dry compost that does not get watered until the 1st of September autumn storm. Everyone knows that there is a cloudburst in the mountains on 1 Sept.! lol - but yes, this simulates natural conditions for the bulbs.

26 Mar, 2009


Thanks. Makes more sense now. :o)

27 Mar, 2009


Lovely, my Crown Imperial Fritillaria is just about to come into flower but not as grand or unusual as this one!

29 Mar, 2009


Very attractive...the stripey pink part reminds me of the snakes head lily.

9 Apr, 2009


Love the shape of the petals

17 Jul, 2009


Doesn't the Craigton prefix indicate an Ian Young selection? Looks to be a good one.

8 Jan, 2010


I love these have just bought some more bulbs. Didn't know they like to be planted deep, with being a small bulb I always planted them in small pots, no wonder I don't have much success with them, now I know why. Do you feed them in summer and what do you use if anything?

9 Sep, 2010


Hi Galanthophile, I have only just seen your response from January, sorry. Yes, Craigton does mean that it is one of Ian's selections, and a very nice one too.
Hi Cranberry, we grow quite a few Frits in pots as many of them like a dry summer dormancy. As you can see from this pic we keep the species separated in their own pots which are clay and up to about ten inches diameter. The bulbs are grown in extra gritty JI type compost and are planted about a third of the way down the pot. The bulbs are repotted every August in fresh compost and after flowering the pots are fed with half strength tomatoe feed every week until the foliage dies down. The pots are then moved under cover until August to let the compost dry out and the repotted bulbs get their first water on September 1.

10 Sep, 2010


Hi Bulbaholic,
I have bought yet again some Fritillaries, keep planting them but only get one flower. You did say they wanted planting deep, what size pot would you recommend? I just love them but I think it maybe I'm not planting them deep enough. I have asked at the garden centre and they tell me I should plant bulbs double the depth of the bulb? which is what I have been doing. I try every year without success but hope with a bit of advice from you I can at last have a nice show...................with a bit of luck. Is this rule for all Frits except the big one? Thank you in anticipation.
Sorry I have just seen your reply Ignore this you have told me what I want to know Thank you
I hope I can send you a nice picture next year of my own Frits..........fingers crossed x

14 Sep, 2010

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