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Fuschia Lambada Spring

Fuschia Lambada Spring

And finally one has opened and stayed. First bloom of the year. This one just keeps plugging along

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Nice one.

21 May, 2009


The first one is always special in my book.........

21 May, 2009


Great start!

21 May, 2009


Pretty! The flowers always remind me of little dancing fairies....

21 May, 2009


Greenthumb Are the fushias over wintered where you are, or are shipped up from further south .
How many hours of daylight do you have right now for growing.

21 May, 2009


really lovely GT

21 May, 2009


Thanks for the comments. This trooper tried to bloom all winter!

They remind me of spinning dresses at a dance too Grammazoo.

Bjs, the fuschias are all shipped up. There is only one nursery that stays open through winter, but they carry exotic houseplants at that time. I've been overwintering my own at the house, this one came through beautifully. Daylight today is rise at 4:00 am and set at 11:30 pm. So it almost doesn't get dark anymore, just skirts behind the north mountains. We are gaining about 7 minutes of light a day. My east garden gets 7hrs direct light before the shade trees start blocking the sun. I love it!

22 May, 2009


I suppose that is one advantage to living up north - more daylight hours! (But in the winter it would be the opposite - more dark hours!)

Lovely flower! :) I had a few on my standards during the winter, even though they were outside all winter tucked into the most protected corner of my balcony. They sat on a table in the corner with the rest of the more tender plants like Pelargoniums, Geraniums & Fuchsias with no more protection than an enormous plastic bag which I lower on clear days & raise on frosty nights. The majority of the plants survive the winter - even this last February with extremely low temps.

23 May, 2009


I'm really starting to love them B. Two of my attempts over wintered well. If I had an outside place to let them sleep that would simplify things. Here they wouldn't stand a chance! But they develop quick in this daylight and from my angle, even shade lovers can take hours of direct sun.

24 May, 2009


For the second time yesterday I tried to get a half decent photo of the only Fuchsia flower open at present & which I now suspect to be "Dollar Princess". Both intents have been a failure as they come out too dark to distinguish the flower well. In a couple of days it will be gone & I won't have got a photo after all. :( I suppose I could try moving it into the centre of the balcony so I can get in front of the standard but there is so little room to move!

25 May, 2009


I fight a similar battle all winter indoors. flash is too much and natural light too dark for true colors. I know about that space constriction as well. Very well. Sounds like it is a beauitful fuschia! I'm waiting for more of mine to open up. If increased my stock by three this year. :-)

26 May, 2009


As the sun has decided to put in an appearance over the weekend I'll try again but if I don't succeed there will be some more flowers in a couple of weeks. I've seen buds forming in the tips.

28 May, 2009

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