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Photos tagged as "Alpine"

  • Wulfenia carinthiaca (Wulfenia carinthiaca)
    By Welshwitch
  • Alpine house at Harlow Carr spring 2007
    By Holly
  • alpine strawberries as ground cover
    By Hoya105
  • leptinella squalida 'platts black' (Leptinella squalida)
    By Majeekahead
  • Belfast sink transformation
    By Helofadigger
  • Alpine  (saxifraga mossy red)
    By Yellowleaf
  • Alpine bed
    By Scotkat
  • alpine strawberries
    By Popeymike
  • Phlox amoena variegata (Phlox amoena variegata)
    By Helofadigger
  • Sedum rupestre (Sedum rupestre)
    By Helofadigger
  • Sea Thrift (Armeria maritima (Armerie vulgaire))
    By Helofadigger
  • Alpine Strawberry flower
    By Limpet