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Photos tagged as "Architectural"

  • Fatsia Japonica (Fatsia japonica (Japanese aralia))
    By Goringfolly
  • Gunnera Manicata. (Gunnera Manicata)
    By Goringfolly
  • Sea holly 1yr old plant taken 13th July 2008 (Eryngium planum (Sea Holly))
    By Kerryjoe
  • Echinops 'Globe thistle' (Echinops)
    By Goringfolly
  • Phormium tenax (Phormium tenax (New Zealand flax))
    By Jess
  • Fatsia japonica (Fatsia japonica (Japanese aralia))
    By Jess
  • Lysichiton americanus (Skunk Cabbage) & Kingcup  (Lysichiton americanus (Yellow skunk cabbage))
    By Songhurst
  • Phormium tenax  (Phormium tenax (New Zealand flax))
    By Okasia
  • A garden flower photo
    By Minihoney
  • Dicksonia Antartica (Dicksonia Antartica 'Tasmanian Tree Fern')
    By Minihoney
  • Cordyline 'Red Star' (Cordyline)
    By Minihoney
  • Wild Teasels..Dipsacus Fullonum. (Dipsacus fullonum (Teasel))
    By Floribunda