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Photos tagged as "BERGENIA"

  • Sweet Pea
    By Oddbillie
  • DAHLIA - Micronetta Scarlet
    By Oddbillie
  • BERGENIA - 'Harzkristall'
    By Oddbillie
  • Bergenia emeiensis 'Eroica' (Bergenia emeiensis)
    By Okasia
  • Bergenia planting, Craigtoun Park, St. Andrews, Fife.
    By David
  • BERGENIA: Harzkristall
    By Oddbillie
  • Bergenia cordifolia (Bergenia cordifolia (Elephant's ears))
    By Volunteer
  • The grass is crowding everything...
    By Lori
  • Bergenia
    By Klahanie
  • Rescued bergenia (Bergenia cordifolia (Elephant's ears))
    By Kasy
  • Bottom pond
    By Linmar
  • Elephants Ear plant  (Bergenia cordifolia (Elephant's ears))
    By Siris