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Photos tagged as "Cutting"

  • Hedge cutting
    By Sewingkilla
  • One of my coldframes I use for  protecting cuttings on my nursery
    By Anchorman
  • How to take cuttings
    By Anchorman
  • Yew Tree Hedge Maintenance (Taxus Baccata (Yew))
    By Ustwo
  • Topping Yew Hedge  (Taxus Baccata)
    By Ustwo
  • Cutting of Plumeria 'Celadine' (Plumeria rubra)
    By Bobwalshplu..
  • Fuchsia     Empress of Prussia   For Bloomer
    By Pansypotter
  • Carnation 'Pax' (carnation)
    By Homebird
  • Carnation 'Artu' (Carnation)
    By Homebird
  • Sweet peas - Cuprani (Echinacea purpurea)
    By Poppylover99
  • Eucomis comosa leaf cuttings
    By Meanie
  • Eucomis comosa leaf cutting
    By Meanie