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Photos tagged as "Daffodil"

  • Pipit (Narcissus jonquilla (Jonquil))
    By Lemondog
  • Hawera (Narcissus triandrus (Angels Tears))
    By Lemondog
  • Ornatus Maximus (Narcissus poeticus (Poet's Daffodil)oeticus (Poet's Daffodil))
    By Lemondog
  • Baby Boomer (Narcissus jonquilla (Jonquil))
    By Lemondog
  • Jonquil (Narcissus jonquilla (Jonquil))
    By Lemondog
  • Spring indoors (daffodil)
    By Elke
  • Petrel (Narcissus triandrus (Angels Tears))
    By Lemondog
  • Daffodil 'Rip van Winkle' (Narcissus)
    By Tommymoo
  • Tete a Tete in the rain
    By Karensusan63
  • Tete-a-Tete (Narcissus)
    By Greenfingers
  • The Simple Snow Drop
    By Sodapopklc
  • Iris
    By Sodapopklc