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Photos tagged as "Fern"

  • tree fern frong (Dicksonia antarctica (Soft tree fern))
    By Rachelscott..
  • Tree ferns with Snow April 08 (Dicksonia antarctica (Soft tree fern))
    By Treesandthi..
  • Maiden hair ferns
    By Marksbegonias
  • Our garden April 2008
    By Rachelscott..
  • fern about to open
    By Popeymike
  • tree fern- new zealand (Dicksonia antarctica (Soft tree fern))
    By Popeymike
  • A garden flower photo (Osmunda Cinnamomea)
    By Lori
  • Meyer's Asparagus Fern (Asparagus densiflorus Meyer)
    By Sunandsurf
  • loft plants (Nematanthus gregarius)
    By Greenthumb
  • Shady Bed (Dicentra spectabilis (Bleeding heart))
    By Sid
  • the "feet" on the rabbits foot fern
    By Dirtyfingers
  • Staghorn Fern
    By Dirtyfingers