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Photos tagged as "Flowering"

  • Weigela Variegata close-up (Weigela florida)
    By Robertr
  • Weigela Variegata  (Weigela florida)
    By Robertr
  • Valerie Proudley heather (Erica vagans)
    By Peter
  • Sarcococca (Sarcococca confusa (Christmas box))
    By Holly
  • Chaenomeles. (Chaenomeles japonica (Japonica))
    By Goringfolly
  • Mahonia Aquifolium. (Mahonia aquifolium (Oregon grape))
    By Goringfolly
  • Flowering Maple and Geraniums
    By Talljim
  • Primula 'Wanda' (Primula 'Wanda')
    By Goringfolly
  • Spirea Arguta (Spirea Arguta)
    By Goringfolly
  • My bargain Pansys
    By Helofadigger
  • Flowering Red Currant (Ribes sanguinem)
    By David
  • Viburnum Tomentosum 'Mariesii.' (Viburnum Plicatum Tomentosum 'Mariesii.')
    By Goringfolly