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Photos tagged as "H"

    By Orchidos
    By Orchidos
  • hosta Plantaginea blooms (Hosta plantaginea (Fragrant Plaintain Lily))
    By Nancym
  • warm bed
    By Franktf4
  • G/H outside
    By Franktf4
  • Campanula Garganica Dickersons Gold. 28 6 2011 (Campanula Garganica Dickersons Gold.)
    By Scotsgran
  • Clematis H.F. Young (Clematis H.F.Young)
    By Drc726
  • Potato Flower (Maris Peer, I think!)
    By Shirlwhirl
  • Clematis H.F. Young has completely recovered from earlier clemitis wilt (Clematis H.F.Young)
    By Drc726
  • Clematis 'H.F.Young' Its prone to clematis wilt and this year is the first its produced more than the odd flower. worth the wait as its a great large flower in a lovely mid blue. (Clematis H.F.Young)
    By Drc726
  • Clematis 'H F Young' had it about 6 yearsand the first 4 years it got clematis wilt but eventually it stopped and for the last 2 years has given a great show. (Clematis H.F.Young)
    By Drc726
  • Albizia julibrissin (Persian Silk tree)'E.H.Wilson'
    By Klahanie