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Photos tagged as "agave"

  • Flower of Agave attenuate ( Fox-tail agave)
    By Klahanie
  • Agave americana var. marginata/ Variegated Century Plant
    By Klahanie
  • Suneset through a flower of Agave attenuate  (Agave attenuate)
    By Klahanie
  • DSC00435
    By Safina
  • Agave
    By Smileamyl
  • Agave attenuata
    By Klahanie
  • Agave angustifolia ‘marginata’
    By Klahanie
  • Flowering Fox Tail Agave
    By Jcc914
  • Bees on flowering Fox Tail Agave
    By Jcc914
  • Bees finding nectar of Fox Tail Agave
    By Jcc914
  • Canary Island Palm with Flowering Agave attenuata (Canary Island Palm, Agave attenuata)
    By Delonix1
  • Tequila!...agave. (Agave tequiliana)
    By Stan510