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Photos tagged as "azalea"

  • Clematis Wisteria
    By Pamd
  • Stone circle
    By Pamd
  • Glowing Embers
    By Tetrarch
  • Azaleas Blooming (Azalea)
    By Delonix1
  • Faithful Azalea
    By Felinfan
  • My favourite Margaret Merrill Roses
    By Felinfan
  • Pink Peony
    By Felinfan
  • Mid-Winter Downunder - Rhododendron simsii or Azalea indica flowering (Rhododendron simsii)
    By Bernieh
  • Azalea, 'white lights'
    By Greenthumb
  • Spring has sprung? (azalea)
    By Volval
  • Azaleas Blooming (Azaleas, Geranium maderense)
    By Delonix1
  • Pink Azaleas (Azalea)
    By Delonix1